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Flashpoint - Risk Management & Safety
March 2017
Two new procedures are now available on the Risk Management & Safety website, which include Hot Work and Lock, Tag, Try. These procedures include changes to training requirements for those performing applicable work activities, as well as other program enhancements.  For more information on each, click the links below.
Since the University has contractual and insurance requirements, please note that all compressed gas purchases should be made through Procurement Services.  They may be reached at 631-6401 or for further information.
Several new training courses have been added to complyND over the past couple of months and are now available for assignment.  These include the following:
Hot Work Employee

The complyND team has recently responded to several questions regarding trainees who complete course content but the course shows an "In Progress" status.  The most common cause of this is that the assignment was not submitted.  To do so, please be sure that all requirements are satisfied, including reviewing any attachments, and click the submit button (green checkmark) in the upper right portion of the computer screen.

For more information on this tip and other helpful items such as User Guides and How To Videos, please visit the complyND website at or contact the complyND Team at
On what RMS website page can the following sign be found?

A drawing will be made from all the correct responses sent to by March 22, 2017.  A prize will be awarded and the winner will be announced in our next issue.

Congratulations to Mike Davy, winner of our December trivia contest!  His name was drawn from the group that correctly named two of the University's common medical providers.
Slips, Trips or Falls
Slips, trips and falls account for most work place injuries in the U.S. and for 15% of accidental workplace deaths.  Workers in nearly every industry and occupation experience them.  How can slip and trip hazards be avoided?  One of the best methods is to maintain a high standard of cleanliness at your work place.  Cleaning up spills immediately, marking wet areas, and keeping walk ways free of cutter will go a long way to prevent injuries.  During cold or wet conditions, wearing footwear with anti-slick properties even if you work in an office will minimize your risk of a fall.  Awareness of your surroundings is key to preventing injuries.  If you have a concern about a slip, trip or fall hazard at the University of Notre Dame, please contact RMS at 631-5037 or at
New Hazardous Waste Procedure
The RMS environmental team is developing a new Hazardous Waste Procedure for campus to help ensure compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency's Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule.  The final rule was issued in October 2016 and will be adopted by the State of Indiana in the near future.  We are looking for help from campus partners in identifying all operations and waste streams that fall under the new Hazardous Waste Procedure.  Groups on campus that have unreported aerosol cans, contaminated wipes (shop rags) or parts washers should please contact Jason DeWispeleare at 631-9144 or
Flashpoint Risk Management & Safety
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