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Use Literacy How's Word Selection tool to choose vocabulary words to teach.
Use Literacy How's Word Selection tool to choose vocabulary words to teach.
Vol. 16, No. 10 
June 2018
Vocabulary: Knowledge to Practice
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See how a Mentor uses Literacy How's Word Selection Grid to choose vocabulary words to teach, then introduces them to students.

Words Worth Teaching: Selection and Instruction

"Given the vast number of vocabulary words children need to know, it is critical to be deliberate in selecting words to teach.  But how do we make these choices?  Several approaches for choosing words are available, including those by Beck, McKeown, and Kucan (2013), Biemiller (1999, 2010), and Dutro and Moran (2003).  A common denominator of these approaches for selecting words is the question of word utility, in other words 'why is this word worth teaching?' ...
Rarely, however, do the selection approaches factor in instructional practices found effective in teaching vocabulary.  All too often the selection process for words and consideration of instructional practices seem to be operating dichotomously.  How can we reconcile these two dimensions—selection and instruction in teaching vocabulary?  In response to this question, we propose a Word Selection Grid that combines these two dimensions: selection and activities" (Gillis and Eberhardt, 2018).
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