Happy New Year - Free Webinar Information enclosed!
Happy New Year - Free Webinar Information enclosed!
January 17, 2016 - Volume 3 Issue 1
Real Life Spark
...igniting the next generation of YOU!
Deb's Sparks!
Happy 2016 and welcome to Volume 3 of the Real Life Spark newsletter!  This newsletter has evolved over the past 2 years along with you, me and Real Life Spark!  Take a minute to reflect upon the 'YOU' from January 2014.  What was going on in your life?  What plans did you have for 2014 and beyond?
Now take a minute to think of all the things you accomplished in the past two years!  Everything counts, even if you simply got out of bed each morning and said Thank You for another day. I'm sure you have a full list!
As we sit here at the beginning of 2016, what are your plans?  This issue is full of ideas to help you create your best 2016!  
What if we stopped comparing ourselves to others.  It's easier said than done and it's going to be one of my themes in 2016. You can learn more in Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!
What tools do you use to plan your year?  A vision board of ideas? A written plan?  One Word?  Wait a minute, what's One Word?  I was introduced to the book One Word that will change you life in 2015.  I followed the process, received my word and added the book to our bookshelf!  I loved my word. 
As I received my One Word for 2016, I was inspired to create a webinar and share my planning pyramid along with the One Word process. If you want to learn how One Word can change your life, sign up for my free webinar on January 27, 2016.  (More info in the Events section)
I've got a good feeling about 2016.
Wishing you peace, love and sparks of inspiration!  Deb
Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!
I was recently speaking with a friend who said, wouldn't it be great if we stopped comparing ourselves to other people!  "Of course, I said, "that would be great!"
It was an a-ha moment for me as I reflected upon the concept of no comparisons.  I realized how damaging comparisons of people can be, because I was hurt. I was compared to another person in a recent relationship and it felt awful and caused some issues for me.
We compare ourselves to others all the time.  Her hair looks better than mine.  Her shoes are nicer than mine.  Her relationship is closer than mine. What are we doing?  As individuals, we rock! We should be proud of ourselves every day.  
I'm dedicating the Igniting the Next Generation of You column in 2016 to increasing our self-worth!  Let's stop the comparisons!
This month, go stand in front of the mirror and say I LOVE YOU! Learn to appreciate each gray hair, laugh line and scar. It might be hard at first or feel weird, but go ahead and try it.  Every day.
We'll continue the conversation next month.  XOXO.
Tools You Can Use! Vision Boards...
Vision boards are a great way to keep your eye on the prize and motivated to reach your 2016 goals.  I wrote a blog post about my new year's tradition and the creative process.
Follow my virtual vision board on Pinterest for tips on creating vision boards.
Deb's Bookshelf
Our book for December was Sonia Choquette's Tune In.  You will find my thoughts here.
Our book for January is The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran.  It's a bit more business than personal development but it it timely for the beginning of the year and can help you reach your personal and professional goals.
Deb Wilber is an intuitive coach and personal transformation expert.  Her coaching practice, Real Life Spark™,  helps women  transform their lives from the inside out,  so they can live their best life now!
Looking for a cure for the Sunday Night Blues? A relationship blueprint? Grief shifting techniques? Schedule a complimentary conversation to learn more.
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