FMCA News: Full-Time RVing
FMCA News: Full-Time RVing
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Dear RVer,
According to recent statistics supplied by RV Industry Association, an estimated 1 million people live full-time in RVs. Among FMCA members, 12 percent indicated in a recent survey that they are full-timers. FMCA even has a Full Timers chapter.
The full-time RV lifestyle choice has long been popular among retirees, many of whom follow the sun. In recent years, younger folks have discovered the appeal. They are rethinking and reinventing the American dream – selling sticks-and-bricks homes, shedding possessions, and living a more simple life while working on the road and exploring. This includes young families who “roadschool” their children through experiential learning — check out Soulful RV Family, Our Wandering Family, or Tiny Shiny Home for inspiration.
Whether you’re a full-timer, a part-timer, or a wannabe, here is a list of RV essentials to keep on board.
Keep on RVing... full-time, part-time, ANYTIME! 
The FMCA Team
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How Do I?
Pets On Board
Family with dogs
Ane and Tommi, F462447, with Lily and Mushy
Who says life on the road can’t be for animals, too? Many RVers travel with dogs, cats, or an animal that is a little more unusual. Check out this online photo album of FMCA pets who are along for the adventure. 

Here are tips for making pet travel easier:
RV Storage Compartment
RV Gear Guide
Whether you consider yourself a full-time RVer, snowbird, or something in between, check out these product recommendations and packing tips to outfit your home on wheels.
New RVer Gear List (Winnebago)
FMCA Clubhouse
Minot Magic
FMCA will celebrate its 100th convention Aug. 14 through 17 in Minot, ND. If you can't be there in person for all the fun, we encourage you to follow FMCA on social media to view pictures and read event news. Check out Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay connected! 
Save Big on RV Repairs Thrive Market Get Social with FMCA
Woo hoo! In July, FMCA issued member number F500000, marking a milestone for the club! There's never been a better time to join FMCA. Learn more
FMCA Health Plan 
Looking for health coverage for 2020? Open enrollment for under-age-65 health insurance will begin this fall, but it's never too soon to start researching your options. FMCA members are eligible for discounted plans through RV Insurance Benefits. For a free, no-obligation quote, call 1-888-337-1705 or click here
Visit the Events Calendar to see all upcoming events.
Campground Savings
FMCA Campground
Stay & Save with FMCA
FMCA gives members ways to save on campground fees, including access to discounts for Passport America and KOA campgrounds. Members also can book two nights per month FREE at FMCA's private campground in Cincinnati, Ohio.
FMCA has Commercial Member Campgrounds that offer discounts for members. Search FMCA Connections
Home As We Roam
Is your home on wheels a Type B or campervan? Read 13 Van Life Gear Must-Haves from Canadian full-timers, Life As We Roam It. Spoiler alert: Major tips to help cut down on clutter!
School Books
Many full-time RV families choose to homeschool their children, AKA “roadschooling.” Considering this for your kiddos? Visit Families On the Road, a roadschooling resource. And hear it firsthand from Nomads With a Purpose.
Vision of Giving Charity
Give Back
Michael and Randi Kilbourne travel the U.S. by RV doing good works — feeding first responders, working with food pantries, etc. — with their 501c(3) nonprofit, Vision of Giving. Learn more about their mission and see if they'll be visiting a town near you.
RV Organization
Simplify & Prepare

Take it from full-time RVers — it pays to think ahead. Every nook and cranny of your RV can be organized!
It seems the whole world has joined the organizing craze. (Thank you, Marie Kondo.) Of course, RVers have been minimalists forever. But now that it’s truly cool to be clutter-free, full-timers and weekend warriors alike enjoy more options than ever before. The Container Store offers RV storage ideas, plus suggested products for RVs. FMCA’s Pinterest provides additional RV organizing ideas.

While you’re organizing, don’t forget to assemble a bug-out bag: a backpack or other carrier in which to store your essentials (medications, personal info, phone chargers, wallets, etc.). Keep it near the RV door in case an immediate exit is needed. This comprehensive checklist will get you thinking. And here’s an already-assembled RV emergency kit.
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