All the housing news you need this month...
All the housing news you need this month...
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Coordinated Entry and Comparable Databases:   

We are all hearing a lot about Coordinated Entry and what that might mean for our programs in the near future. Coordinated Entry can be complex and confusing and may look different in every community.
In this newsletter we have included information on upcoming webinars and a technical assistance document from NNEDV on Coordinated Entry to assist you as you continue to advocate in your community and with your Continuum of Care (CoC). This resource on comparable databases may also be useful for your program. 
As we know, changes are always happening and we at the Coalition are here to support you as you navigate Coordinated Entry and comparable database questions/concerns. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Stevi at or 303-962-3321. And be on the lookout for more updates and information on these topics. 
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