Welcome to your new FMCA member e-newsletter!
Welcome to your new FMCA member e-newsletter!
The Mile Marker
Dear RV Friend,
Ah, spring! A time of renewal and reawakening... Trees shake off their winter slumber and sprout new leaves, grass greens up and begins to grow again (tune up the lawn mower!), and flowers dot the landscape with beauty. Spring also is a time when those of us who put our RV into hibernation for the winter begin prepping it for upcoming adventures. For tips on preparing your home on wheels for the busy travel season ahead, keep reading!
This spring also brings a refresh of FMCA’s monthly e-newsletter. We’ve given it a new name – The Mile Marker — and a lively new look. Please help us make this newsletter a reflection of our members, and of the fun of RVing. Tell us how an FMCA member benefit came to your rescue or helped to make life on the road easier. Email us photos of your RV parked in your favorite travel spots. We want to hear from you! Also, we want to know what you think about the The Mile Marker. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey 
And, by all means, have fun out there! As Helen Keller said: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”


The FMCA Team
Using the Michelin Advantage program, I actually saved $619 in comparison to what an RV Authorized Newmar Service provider quoted for the same tires. This money savings alone justifies continued membership in FMCA for several years to come.
Bob & Bev Stratton, F459519

Spring Tire Check Reminder 
Tire safety is critical and should be a top priority as you prepare your RV for spring travel. Do you know about FMCA’s tire benefit? FMCA has partnered with the Michelin Advantage and Continental Choice Tire Programs, allowing members to purchase RV, truck, and passenger vehicle tires for special rates. Get a quote.
Spring Shakedown 
Spring is here, and that means it’s time to make sure your RV is road-ready. We've gathered plumbing system tips from "RV Doctor" Gary Bunzer

  • Drain the RV antifreeze from the fresh water system and fill the tank about half full.
  • Remove the water heater from bypass mode. Turn on the water pump, opening each faucet to flush out all water lines and eliminate any residual antifreeze.
  • At the water heater, open the pressure and temperature relief valve. Once water begins gushing from the P&T valve, close the lever.
  • Shut off the faucets once the water flows smoothly, and flush the toilet a couple times to fill its internal tubing.
  • Turn off the water pump. Then open the water heater P&T relief valve once more and leave it open until water stops dripping from the outlet, then close it. 
  • Attach the fresh water hose to the city connection and verify all fresh water components still operate properly. Inspect for water dripping or seeping, inside and outside the RV.
  • Finally, chlorinate the entire fresh water system.
  • For an RV waste system, flush and drain each holding tank completely.
  • Disassemble and lubricate all termination valves. Ensure each one operates smoothly and fully closes. 
  • Lastly, inspect the sewer hose for pinholes or damaged seals.
FMCA Adventure
Sample Georgia's Local Flavor 

With Interstate 75 being a major north-south route, hundreds of RV travelers cruise through Georgia. Take time to stop along the way to see interesting attractions and sample local cuisine.

Dalton is home to Dalton Distillery, home of the world’s only moonshine made with sunflower seeds. You have to taste it to believe it. Resaca, a few miles south of Dalton, is the site of the first major battle of the Civil War’s Atlanta Campaign. Resaca Battlefield Historic Site is a 483-acre park. Adairsville is home to the beautiful Barnsley Resort. Enjoy the food and see the museum and heritage garden, with roses dating back to antebellum days. 

To learn about other spots to visit along I-75 in Georgia, click here to read the full story from FMC Magazine.

FMCA Clubhouse
Add a Little Spring to Your RV Travel

Did you know that FMCA Tour Connection, powered by Fantasy RV Tours, offers member-only guided RV tours to some of the most sought-after vacation destinations in Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico, and overseas? To learn more, stop by their booth and educational seminars at FMCA’s March Southern Charm convention in Perry, Georgia, or call toll-free: (855) 385-3622.
Visit the Association Calendar 
Winnebago Horizon Wholesale Warranties MARVAC
Campground of the Month
Twin Oaks
Twin Oaks RV Park, C6864
Elko, Georgia
Enjoy Southern charm in middle Georgia at family-owned Twin Oaks RV Park, an FMCA Commercial Member Campground since 1998. The park is within easy access of I-75, approximately 40 miles south of Macon. Twin Oaks can accommodate RVs up to 90 feet in length and is just eight miles from Perry, the site of FMCA’s 97th International Convention & RV Expo. Learn more at www.twinoaksrvpark.com or call 478-987-9361.
Visit Campground Connections 
The Most Beautiful Places to Spot Spring in Your RV
Looking for spring trip inspiration? TripSavvy has named seven national parks that are must-visits. Read the list here.  So, pack up the RV, set the GPS, and hit the road to these beautiful parks before the summer crowds arrive!
Learn Family-Friendly RVing Tips 
RV Family Travel Atlas is a fun and upbeat weekly podcast full of tips and tricks for the RV enthusiast. Co-hosts Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi interview experts from the industry, review camping gear, and recommend the best campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada — their show has something for everyone! You can find their show on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or just stream it right from RVFTA.com.

How to Handle a Tire Blowout
Would you know what to do in the event of a tire emergency while driving or towing your RV? Your first instincts may not be the best. Michelin Tire produced this video to give tips for maintaining RV control in the event of a tire failure caused by rapid air loss. Watch now

Along the Way
The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, is a fan favorite. Dedicated in 1939, the Hall of Fame has grown to include an interactive museum. Visitors can learn about MLB history, see memorabilia, and test their baseball knowledge. Plan your trip
Spring Training
Hit the road for a baseball revue with the “Cactus League.” Baseball fans can spend the month visiting 15 MLB teams in Arizona without ever having to drive more than 50 miles. Catch a few games now through approx. March 27. See the schedule
RVers Delight
Slow Lane Lemon Chicken
By Janet Groene, F47166

As you head out to see spring flowers along the highways, take along the ingredients for this easy meal.

Ingredients - Serves 4
1    large lemon*
1.5 cups water
2  teaspoons chicken bouillon granules
1  teaspoon minced garlic 
4  large, meaty chicken thighs
Salt, pepper, dried thyme
1/4-stick butter
1  cup instant rice
*A sliced, seeded small orange or large lime can be used instead.

Slice the lemon paper-thin and discard the seeds. Put the water, bouillon, and garlic in a 3- or 4-quart slow cooker and stir. Sprinkle the chicken with salt, pepper, and a little dried thyme, and place it in the cooker, turning it over several times to coat with the bouillon mixture. Cover with the lemon slices; dot with butter; and cook on low for eight hours. Remove any lemon slices you can easily fish out. Stir the rice into the juices and cook for another 15 minutes. Using four serving plates, place a piece of chicken and a spoonful of rice on each. Garnish with something colorful, such as parsley, chopped tomato, chives, or pimentos.
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