Stories of sharing and growing from Upstream Arts residencies
Stories of sharing and growing from Upstream Arts residencies
Dear Friend, 
As we continue to practice being in community together, we love hearing about the skills and artistry that participants are practicing in our programs. 
Ezra is an energetic student in one of the Early Childhood Special Education classes of 3 to 5 year-olds where we teach. He's always eager to participate, and waiting for his turn is a challenge. Each week with Upstream Arts, he has practiced patience, staying with the group longer and longer over the course of the semester.
As the program recently ended, Evie, one of our Teaching Artists, shared this story: 
"Our last class was very joyful. It seemed like a very different class from the hesitant bunch we had in the beginning. We began with a collaborative painting for introductions, and each student boldly introduced themselves standing in front of the whole group. I particularly loved that throughout class Ezra would ask for a turn, and then, without being prompted, he would engage another person and offer them the next turn."
We practice this give and take in all our programs, creatively working to highlight and expand the generosity that already exists in our communities. As we close out the year, we invite you to give an end-of-year contribution and to take in the immense satisfaction that comes from being part of this vital work. 
It will take $31,294 before December 31, 2019 to close our individual donor funding gap, allowing us to bring 33 residencies to communities and classrooms like Ezra's in the coming spring. 
Invest Today!
With abundant thanks for all that you do,
Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
P.S. Upstream Arts is looking for experienced Teaching Artists of any artistic discipline to join our Teaching Artist Roster!
Applications accepted until January 10, 2020.

You can be part of this creative, expansive work by investing in Upstream Arts!
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