Mark your calendars for The Art of We: Re·Focus: Thursday, April 29th
Mark your calendars for The Art of We: Re·Focus: Thursday, April 29th
Dear Friend, 
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Save the Date! 

We invite you to save the date for our Annual Event and Fundraiser:
The Art of We: Re·Focus
Thursday April 29th from 6-7pm
Free, Family Friendly, Fully Accessible & Online via Zoom
This year, we're excited to align our annual event with the opening of our first-ever online exhibition. Stay tuned to this newsletter as we roll out more announcements and details in the coming weeks!
Greer, a young person with short bleached hair and pink, cat-eye makeup smiles at the camera while petting her cat, who gives the camera the side-eye.

Welcome Greer!

We're thrilled to welcome Greer onboard as our first UA intern since the pandemic began. A
 senior in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's Teaching Artist Practicum program, Greer is majoring in Illustration with a Teaching Artist minor. In her words, "I focus primarily on making art about alternative subcultures, such as heavy metal, punk and goth music, wrestling, horror, and cult cinema, and a general love for all things kitschy!
I am so excited to work with/learn from all the lovely people at Upstream Arts. I love that this organization does the dual task of a) making art and art education accessible to everyone, and b) using art as a form of accessibility itself." 
We're excited to work with you in our classes and upcoming exhibition, Greer!
Warm hands for all you do,
Julie, Matt, Bree and all of us at Upstream Arts

You've made it possible.

As we approach 1 year since quarantine began in Minnesota, we're grateful for how we've been able to adapt to make our work more accessible, now and into the future. Your support has made it possible for us to take those leaps of faith with our community, and will help us make our newer online offerings a sustainable part of our programming.
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