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New glass from Josh Simpson...
New glass from Josh Simpson...
Heart Planets
Stuck at home in the snow? Hanging out with your sweetheart, or wishing you could be? 
What a perfect time to take a look at Josh’s brand-new Infinity Loop Pendants! Each unique piece sparkles with either a dichroic interior or fine interwoven strands of white Latticino threads. And, out of pure altruism and generosity, Josh finished them just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Infinity Loop Pendants

We just found, tucked away on a high shelf, a small collection of Copper Ruby and Red Corona Goblets. Did someone hide these for a secret purpose? We may never know. (Josh's studio is full of mysteries!) What we do know is they are here for you today. For your valentine, a pair of elegant goblets could be the perfect answer. 

After you dig your way out of the snow, make your way to Shelburne Falls this weekend!
Second Saturdays in the village and the February Fringe Festival!
Explore the Shelburne Art scene with special deals and crafts happening in town! Sweet deals for you on Second Saturday at Salmon Falls Gallery! 10% off gallery wide (except for the rugs) and more savings on selected artists. The gallery has been busy rearranging the gallery, so go on up the hill to see what new artists and new works have arrived. 

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On weekends call Salmon Falls Gallery
Gallery Hours: 10AM - 5PM
Gallery Phone: 413-625-9833
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