February 1, 2021

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BCC Virtual Career Fair 2021

60+ sessions for students to choose from; 30+ professionals involved; 14 career clusters and industries represented; 5 confirmed schools participating; over 2 days! February 4 and 5.

With registration season comes student decisions about what high school class to sign up for next year. It’s a great time for students to explore what is out there for careers. Talk to professionals in the field. Ask college instructors and admissions counselors about training and education. Students are able to make better informed decisions about which high school classes to try for 2021-2022 school year.

Teachers, staff and administrators are welcome to attend the Career Fair. Simply follow the same Career Fair Sign Up link and select “other” for your grade level. Attendance details will be found in FutureForward™. Career Fair speakers each have a profile on FutureForward™ where you can learn more and contact professionals to be classroom speakers, mock interviews, informational interviews, job shadows (varies by location), etc.

Are you new to FutureForward™? No problem. Email us for login credentials and you’ll be all set!

We are looking forward to a great event.

CNA Program and YST Grant Application

The announcement of grant recipients for Youth Skills Training Grant is February 24th. We eagerly wait and are optimistic for the announcement. If awarded this grant funding, a CNA program will begin Fall 2021. Names of interested, capable students, ages 16 and up, will be compiled by the end of February. We ask for your help to identify students at your school who are interested in CNA program, work, and career field. Principals and counselors will have additional communication in the coming weeks.

Career Navigators & Personal Finance Class

How Spring Grove Business Teacher Incorporated Us As a Resource

Every Wednesday, Shelly Anderson met with one or both Career Navigators for a “Career Exploration Unit.” Focus was put on career exploration and soft skills practice. Lessons and activities were once a week, typically on the virtual-learning day. MCIS refresher lesson kick started the unit in September. Students were introduced to resources, professional connections, and career videos available on FutureForward™. Seniors met with Career Navigators for introductions, to share their career interests and to ask questions in October. Next, guest speakers attended virtual class. One spoke on life’s choices and another spoke about the do’s and don’ts of interviews. Career Navigators lined up one-on-one mock interviews for students with professionals in their field of interest. The semester ended with informational interviews, again with Career Navigators connecting professionals with students, based on students’ interests. While wrapping up the semester, Shelly added, “I would definitely do this again. We slotted Wednesdays for things and it was great to spread out the unit for the semester.”


Healthcare Month

Two weeks remain for participating in Healthcare Month. What is Healthcare Month? It is a focus on resources and concentration of video interviews with professionals in Healthcare Careers. Your students can choose from a variety of careers within healthcare and explore more. Independent work, as a class, or in small groups, the lesson is designed to be flexible. Students can watch an interview of a professional. Students can explore career outlook for different healthcare careers. Students can research types of training necessary for various degrees needed for different healthcare careers. Reach out to us to learn more.


BOOM in FutureForward™ Businesses

In preparation for this week’s virtual career fair, more than 20 professionals and businesses have created profiles in FutureForward™. This brings our system-wide count to 404 professionals at 160 businesses! Our business and community partners are an integral part of FutureForward™’s success, so if you have any suggestions for companies that your students might be interested in, please let your Career Navigators know.

Learning Work-Based Learning 

Work-Based Learning is one of the core priorities for the BCC as a whole, and the month of January provided several opportunities for schools and businesses to work together to offer fantastic career-connected learning opportunities for our students. A La Crescent - Hokah student was recently placed at Murphy’s Frame & Axle in La Crosse, while a group of Houston students are interested in careers in the trades and exploring options in their community.

Special Announcements

An Engineering and Manufacturing Workforce Partnership Seminar is available on Thursday, February 25, 2021 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. Check out this awesome opportunity to learn Tools to Connect Industries and Schools! 

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February 4 & 5
BCC Virtual Career Fair
February 25
Engineering and Manufacturing Workforce Partnership Seminar
Post-Secondary Month

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