Sunday, September 12th
City Island, Harrisburg PA
Race Information
You are receiving this email because you registered for the UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Half Marathon, presented by the Donegal Insurance Group.
Thank you for supporting the race and the East Shore YMCA!  Below, you will find information regarding race day, packet pick up, parking, spectator information, and more. 
Additional race updates may be sent as necessary between now and race day.
Race Communications
It is our desire that every participant has a wonderful experience and is equipped with all necessary information for race day! This is why our race staff made this pre-race email as comprehensive as possible. If you have additional questions that cannot be answered within the contents of this email, please refer to the guidelines below!
Phone Calls: Due to extensive time out of the office prior to the race, we kindly request no phone calls this week. Please see below, email will be the quickest way for us to assist you should you have any questions. 
Emails: If you have any questions, please hit reply to this email and let us know as soon as possible! Any email submissions after Thursday, September 9th at end of business may not be returned in a timely manner.
Following the race: Please note that our race staff is mostly out of the office the day after the race getting things wrapped up, so any communication may not be returned in a timely manner. We will get back to you as soon as possible!
Thursday, September 9th - 11am-7pm
  • Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg
Friday, September 10th - 11am-6pm
  • Fleet Feet Mechanisburg
Saturday, September 11th - 10am-1:30pm
  • Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg
Fleet Feet Special! Buy 3 get 1 free socks and nutrition during all pickup times at the store!
Sunday, September 12th - 6:15am-7:15am
  • North parking lot by the Walnut St Bridge ramp
Other Information:
  • Can I pick up for another person? Yes, that is fine. If you do pick up the race bib/shirt for another person, please make sure they know. Otherwise they will come to packet pick up, not find their bib, and the race will have to assign a new bib for them.
  • Finding your bib number. There will be bib charts at the race. You will find the bib number beside your last name and give that number to a volunteer, who will then get your race bib and shirt. 
  • Picking up on race morning. If you pick up your race bib on race morning, please make sure you arrive early enough to park, get up your race bib, and be at the starting line in time.
City Island Address: 245 Championship Way, Harrisburg, PA 17101
There will be a group start at 7:30am sharp, then the starting line will remain open until 7:45am for a rolling start.
The rolling start is for anyone who wants to wait until the main group has gone off and start with more distance around them. 
A rolling start means that when you show up to the starting line, you begin! 
The course will close at 12pm.
There will be no corrals as we had originally planned. Because gathering limits on outdoor events were lifted in PA, we are now able to use a group start for this event. 
Please make sure you arrive prior to 7:15am at the latest to give yourself enough time. You will want to park, get to the start line, use the porta-potties, etc. There will be a lot of participants and spectators arriving so please arrive no later than 7:15am. 
Please note that we will be using the same course that debuted in 2019. This course starts on City Island and finishes on Front St just north of the Harvey Taylor Bridge (for those participants who are familiar with the Harrisburg Mile, the finish is in the same location). 
This course does not use any of the lower level path around Harrisburg, which can be prone to flooding. 
This course is USATF Certified, meaning the distance is measured to be 13.1 miles.
You will see the starting line arches when you get to the Carousel Pavilion.
Please note that the finish line is located at the intersection of Front St/Boas St. It is in the same location as the finish for the Harrisburg Mile. 
For the finish line area, Front St will be closed between Reily St and Forster St. 
This is about 1 mile from City Island. 
If you are not familiar with this area, there is a map and instructions for spectators to walk from City Island to the finish line area (see Spectator section below).
Aid Stations (Locations pictured below) There will be a several aid stations on the course. The distance markers for the aid stations are located approximately at miles 2.3, 4.3, 5.7, 6.6, 8.5, 10, and 11.6.
Gatorade (Frost Glacier Freeze) will be available at aid stations along with 7oz bottles of water. The Gatorade will be served in cups with lids. 

There will be multiple trash cans at each aid station, so please dispose of all cups and bottles in these trash cans and do not throw anything on the ground. 
If you think you will need more water than what is at these available water stops, please carry a hydration pack.
Course Volunteers. There will be volunteers throughout the course. Volunteers on the course will be at water stations and at various turns. This race could not happen without our volunteers so please say thank you!
Course Marking. There will be arrows signs throughout the course. The arrow signs will be yellow signs with black arrows. Some course signs will be just arrows and others will have specific details. 
Course Terrain. Please note that most of the course is on smooth pavement and path. But there are some areas of the path that are uneven due to tree roots pushing up the surface, so please use caution when running and be extra careful of your footing when you see an area that is uneven. There is also a section in the southern part of the course that is gravel path, so please use caution there as well. 
Mile Markers. There will be mile markers at each mile throughout the course on white, plywood A-frames. Please note that Mile 2 will be offset past the actual location. The location of Mile 2 is on Randall Shugart St, which does not have room to place a mile marker. 
Port-o-potties. Will be located adjacent to all aid stations. 
The race is being timed using a disposable chip system and we will have both a starting line mat and finish line mat in place.  Please make sure you cross both mats during the race.  Your time will not start until you cross the start line mat and will stop when you cross the finish line mat.  
All photos will be free to download, courtesy or our photo sponsor, Pennsylvania American Water!

Photos will be posted here, please allow 1-2 weeks to process.

We will also post a link to the photo on our Harrisburg YMCA Races Facebook page as soon as they are available!
We are excited to announce live tracking for this year's Harrisburg Half Marathon! This tracking is available for all half marathon runners and relay teams. Runners and spectators just have to download the app and follow the instructions below. Racejoy using GPS phone tracking for runners that carry their phone throughout the race. 

Results will be uploaded as soon as possible following the race. 
Results will be listed on 
All participants and spectators can park on City Island, which is also the location of packet pick-up and the starting line. Please be on City Island no later than 7:25am.
We have the Pace Team back again and you are encouraged to run with them. 
You can see the lineup at:
Spectators interested in viewing parts of the race are encouraged to find spots on City Island. Please see the document below for more details.
Awards for this race are scored in the same format as the Boston Marathon: 
  • Overall awards - Gun time
  • Age group awards - Chip time
If you are not familiar with the difference between chip time and gun time, please take a moment to read below. 
Chip time is the total time between when you race bib cross the starting line mats and the finish line mats. Your race bib has a timing chip that will trigger when you cross both locations. 
With chip time, order of finish does not determine award placement. Just because you cross the finish line before another participant does not mean you ran a faster time than them.
Example: Participant A crosses the finish line 5 seconds before participant B. It appears that Participant A had a faster time and would place above Participant B in the awards. But, Participant B actually crossed the starting line 30 seconds AFTER Participant A. In the final results, Participant B had a chip time that was 25 seconds faster than Participant A, so Participant B would be seeded higher in the final results and for the age group awards. 
In summary, just because you cross the finish line before someone does not necessarily mean your chip time was faster. 
Gun time starts when starting gun goes off and finishes when your race bib (timing chip on the back) crosses the finish line mats. 
With gun time, all participants have a starting time that begins when the air horn sounds at the beginning of the race. Their official time is determined when they cross the finish line and their bib triggers when they cross the finish line mats. 
All gun times are seeded in direct order of finish. With gun time, any time you cross the finish line before someone, you are seeded above that person in the results.
Example: The first male who crosses the finish line gets first place, the second male who crosses the finish line gets second place, and that continues until the last person finishes. 
All overall awards are seeded based on gun time (order of finish)
All age group awards are seeded by chip time 
No exceptions will be made when designating overall and age group awards
When checking results, please make sure you are looking at the correct category when looking to see if you placed for an award. 
Regardless, if you are planning on competing for an age group award, it is highly recommended you start at close to the starting line as possible. 
Half Marathon Categories
Overall awards (gun time)
  • Overall male, overall female, overall male masters (40+), overall female masters (40+)
Age Group Awards (chip time)
  • 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+
All awards will be given out by the DJ table in the finish line area. 
Approximately 10am - Awards for overalls and age group categories 44 and under.
Approximately 11am - Awards forage group categories 45 and above.
Click here to visit the Harrisburg Half Marathon page on

Frequently Asked Questions and other Info

Can I wear headphones?   Headphones are permitted but are discouraged and not recommended, as it is an open course.

Can I run with my child in a baby jogger or with my dog on a leash?  No. Unfortunately we do not allow baby joggers or animals on the course for safety reasons. 

Post-Race Food. There will be post-race food catered by Karns Quality Foods available for participants following the race. This food is available to participants only. Spectators or anyone without a race bib will not be permitted in the food line. Please do not take food for anyone but yourself.

Thank you for your support and good luck on race day!
The 2021 Harrisburg Half Marathon is sponsored by UPMC Pinnacle
Mid Penn Bank is the T-Shirt Sponsor
Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg is the Official Training and Apparel Store of the Harrisburg YMCA Race Series
Pennsylvania American Water is the Photo Sponsor
All photos will be free to download thanks to Pennsylvania American Water!

Cynthia Forry is the Race Bag Sponsor

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Select Physical Therapy is the Healthy Living Sponsor

Martin's Potato Chips is the Potato Chip Sponsor

Thank you for supporting the East Shore YMCA!

Over the last decade, more than $600,000 has been raised from the Harrisburg YMCA races, including the Harrisburg Half-Marathon.  The money raised benefits the East Shore Branch Y, which, in turn, awards scholarships for youth, childcare, membership and other programs.
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