Don't Freak Out!

Don't Freak OUT!!!

Windows 10 - Are You Ready?

In the past we have warned our clients of the dangers of upgrading to Windows 10 too early. 

Microsoft is offering a Free Windows 10 upgrade until July 29th, 2016.  Once that day comes, upgrading from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 will no longer be possible and you will have to purchase a retail copy of Windows 10 if you decide to upgrade. 
We are recommending that you complete the Windows 10 upgrade sometime in early July 2016.
In our experience thus far, many people who have upgraded to Windows 10 have had experienced poor performance and, in some cases, major problems. 

We are noticing that computers with Inuit products (Quickbooks, Quicken, Will Maker, Turbo Tax, etc.) are experiencing issues with the upgrade.  Inuit has stated publicly that the will NOT support Windows 10 on any of their products except for the 2016 versions.  Many of our clients have been forced to upgrade to newer versions costing them hundreds of extra dollars.  Other products that we have notice include Adobe products and Microsoft Office products.
We suggest a couple of things before upgrading to Windows 10
  • Backup all your data before commencing with the upgrade, as many machines have completely failed the upgrade, causing the user to completely wipe and reinstall their whole computer.
  • Be prepared for some of your software and or devices like printers not to be supported in the new operating system.
  • Consider having your computer cleaned up before the upgrade to reduce the likelihood of a crash or failure during and after the upgrade.
  • Put off the upgrade until a later date, giving Microsoft a chance to fix as many bugs as possible.
  • Be aware that the ‘rollback’ option either may not work or only works to some degree.  Don’t count on being able to go back to your previous operating system.
Don't Stress
We can help you with your cleaning,
backup and upgrade! 
No need to freak out here, we can help!  

Once you upgrade, it is almost a throwback to how computers used to run - so it will probably be familiar to you.  There are some great features with Windows 10, click here to see a review from CNET

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