A Word from Arie Ringnalda

Director of Valor Arts+Media

As we wrap up the what's been a bit of crazy year, it's also good to look back and count our blessings! Our students have continued to excel in their craft and pursue the Lord through their gifting. Our seniors have achieved notable college placements, and we've witnessed a steady stream of both state and national accolades. Our alumni continue to impress with industry success. The Conservatory, 120 students strong, is thriving, propelling learning and experience to a level well beyond high school. We are grateful for ever expanding missional opportunity, as our students, both present and past, truly have the influence and ability to transform the world for Christ.
In the midst of a trial, we also have experienced blessing and abundance!

Click below for a short highlight film of our adverturous year in Valor Arts+Media!

Conservatory Seniors and Award Winners

The Valor Conservatory mentors are proud of the graduating seniors who will graduate with Conservatory distinction. These committed students have put in countless hours in private lessons, master classes, auditions, juries, projects, performances, and gallery presentations. They have completed rigorous course credits and have grown immensely. Pictured below are six very special seniors who earned recognition for Excellence in their craft.   
The video below shows the excellent work from our Conservatory Seniors. Then click the links below to watch the rest of our talented Conservatory students in Music, Theatre and Dance.
Maddie Doyle
Excellence in Dance
Patrick Armould
Excellence in Vocal Performance
Sydney Kamel
Excellence in Theatre
Lauren Honderd
Excellence in Servant Leadership
Sean Park
Excellence in Music
Ana Valdez
Visual Arts Senior Pioneer Award
Conservatory Showcase links for underclassmen

Announcing the Fall Play!

Valor Theatre will produce The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), a comical summary of every Shakespeare play ever written, full of physical comedy and great improvisational theatre.
Auditions for the summer musical, Bright Star, and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) are set for May 28. Click here for details and audition materials.

Dance Auditions!

June 22-24

Interested in auditioning for one of the many offerings from Valor Dance? Click here for the Audition Packet with all the audition information. Auditions will be held in person* (with safety protocols) the week of June 22-24.
Want to know more about Valor Dance? Click here to view our Dance brochure. 

*During this time we will send out any scheduling or protocol changes as needed. All dates should be considered tentative at this time. Please fill out the Dance Application in order to receive email updates.

Bright Star is true to its name!

Valor Conservatory vocal coach Suzanna Champion is a delightful addition to the Valor summer musical team this year. We asked her to give us insight into Bright Star, one of her favorite musicals, and why she thinks it will be well loved by our community.

Why Bright StarI saw Bright Star when it premiered on Broadway in 2016. I went into the theatre not sure what to think... "A bluegrass musical written by Steve Martin? Hmm... I'm not sure about this!" But I left the theatre in awe, mascara lines running down my face, and with a refreshed sense of how powerful the art of storytelling is. Bright Star is so different from a typical musical... not flashy; no sequins or tap dance numbers ...it's a powerful story of human triumph, told through a genre of music that is deeply embedded in our American history. 

What was your favorite aspect of the show? What will challenge our students the most?  I love the intimacy of this show. It's a minimal set, a small band, and the writing of the script feels more like a film than a musical. There isn't a lot to hide behind, and I think that will challenge our actors. It will also be great for them to learn about and embrace this style of music! If you think about it, our predecessors who were coming across the Oregon Trail and planting cities like Denver were singing this kind of music around their campfires! It's important music education for Valor students (and families) who may not have had much exposure to the folk/bluegrass style. 

What message do you hope the Valor cast and community will come away after experiencing our show?   One of my favorite songs from the show repeats over and over the words: "The sun is gonna shine again; the sun is gonna shine again!"  We need that hopeful joy in this strange and different time we're living in right now. I believe that art will be a part of that healing. In addition to that, I think Bright Star will leave the audience with a sense of how powerful God's redemption is. The musical follows some characters who don't initially make Christ-like choices and have to live with the consequences. I hope that Bright Star reminds the Valor community that we have all fallen short of God's glory, but that He is gracious and the only one who can turn darkness into light. Bright Star tells the story of that redemption. 

"And then I understood...that truth seeks us out - then walks beside us like a shadow, and one day it merges with us. Until it does, we are not truly whole."
'Billy', from Bright Star

Blue Crew drumline class in the Fall!

Valor Arts+Media is partnering with Mr. Jake Hovis (Valor faculty and funny man) for a 'Blue-Man' style drumline class and pep team in the Fall. 
We are looking for students who want to be a part of an exciting and unique experience! 

"If you can drum or are willing to learn, take this class," says Mr. Hovis. "If you love to go crazy at football games with school spirit and are interested in painting yourself blue, take this class. If you want to build catapults and t-shirt cannons....or something of lasting importance here at Valor, take this class!"
The Blue Crew drumline is inspired by the wildly popular Blue Man Group and is starting Fall semester. Contact Mr. Hovis for more information, and contact your counselor to add this class to your schedule! (You don't actually have to paint yourself blue to be in the class!)

From the Studio

Recording studio manager and engineer, Justin Hitch shares:  "The recording students and all of us in The Loftside Studios have been hard at work striving to give our students a robust platform for their giftings. Over the past two years, we have recorded, produced and released more than two dozen songs that are now being heard around the world!
"We've created a playlist on Spotify to share these with you, so you can celebrate our students who have achieved a great milestone.
"Don't have Spotify? No worries, you can find these songs on every major streaming platform."
Click Here to Listen!

Graphic Design Pop Up Shop!

Graphic Design 3 students have been working towards a one-day pop-up shop all year. They learned to screenprint, designed and fabricated custom sneakers, and even went to New York City to learn about the design, apparel, and publication industries. 
Sadly, the coronavirus changed everything, but in art, as in life, chaos breeds creativity! The students collaborated and have worked hard to create a virtual shop!
They made lemonade out of lemons -- using this challenging time to understand how to market using an Instagram account
Watch their short promo team video below for explanation of the process and then click the lower button to shop!

RNDM Ink Team Promo
Shop RNDM Inc on Shopify!

More Arts Class Acts!

Just like the Graphic Design 3 project (above), these group videos will lift your spirit, make you belly laugh, entertain and delight you. They represent just some of our hard-working students who have met this semester's challenges with growth and promise!

Valor Yearbook Takes on Social Media

The Yearbook class took on a new project by learning how to create an effective social media campaign with Instagram Posts and Stories. Below are the top pieces from Ashleigh Anema, Danica Monfort, Emē Warburton, Taylor Hendley, Haidyn Breshears, Sarah Swift (senior editor), Karley Bennett, and Ethan Ocasio. Well done yearbookers!
*Yearbook Update: Due to Covid-19, the yearbook plant was closed, making the delivery date for the yearbook uncertain at this time. Information on how to obtain your yearbook will follow when more details are known. 
Click Here to follow Valor Yearbook on Instagram!

Best Wishes to Natalie Wells!

The Arts team and students wish Natalie Wells the best, as she moves on to continue her professional development. Natalie will start her studies in the fall for her Master Degree in Strategic Communication and Design from CU Boulder. She and her husband Jake (newlyweds) will be moving to the Boulder area this summer. 

Natalie has spent 7 years at Valor: 4 years as a student, 1 year as a Fellow and 2 years as a high-energy Arts team member! As a faculty member, she taught yearbook, assisted with the Poms and Conservatory programs, and designed most Arts event promotions and programs.

Thank you Natalie, for your love for Valor students, your commitment to our culture, and your amazing organizational skills that helped keep so many balls in the air! We are so grateful for you!  ~ The Arts+Media team.

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