Welcome New Director of Research Anna Greene
Welcome New Director of Research Anna Greene

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Dr. Roger Schibli 

New Partnership to Bring NETRF-funded Technology to Patients

ITM, Isotope Technologies Munich SE, announced it has entered into a co-development and exclusive license agreement with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), a leading Swiss research institute, for the manufacturing of a novel therapeutic radionuclide, terbium-161. The partners will combine their respective technologies and expertise in the production of terbium-161 including clinical and commercial use in Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRT) for the treatment of cancer. NETRF is proud to see this new technology moving towards the clinic, another accomplishment made possible through our research funding. 

Terbium-161 has been identified as a very promising therapeutic isotope for TRT in cancer. Several preclinical evaluations by Cristina Müller, PhD, Research Group Leader at the PSI, whose lab will contribute to the collaboration, demonstrated excellent therapeutic capabilities of this radionuclide. NETRF funded this preclinical work through a 2018 Investigator Award to Dr. Roger Schibli, at Paul Scherrer Institute.

“This new collaboration with the PSI strengthens our commitment to patients by enabling ITM to further innovate in TRT with the goal of developing a broad range of theranostic radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals to precisely detect and treat various types of cancer. By advancing this novel radioisotope, we diversify ITM’s portfolio and continue operating at the forefront of radiopharmaceutical research, development and supply,” commented Steffen Schuster, CEO of ITM. “We value the Paul Scherrer Institute’s extensive expertise and ground-breaking research with terbium-161 as we work together to investigate its therapeutic potential and establish industrial-scale production processes.”

“ITM is a trailblazer and major player in the rapidly expanding use of radiopharmaceuticals based on the company’s global reach and leadership in supplying medical isotopes while advancing a proprietary pipeline of therapeutics and diagnostics,” commented Prof. Roger Schibli, Head of the Center for Radiopharmaceutical Science at PSI. “The collaboration with ITM enables us to contribute to the improvement of cancer therapy by combining the long-standing research and academic leadership of our scientists with ITM's comprehensive capabilities to provide patients with new treatment options.”

Mental Health Awareness Month

A neuroendocrine cancer diagnosis can affect the emotional health of the NET patient, families, and caregiver, which is a natural response when facing a big change in your life. It is important to take time to talk about how one may experience grief and changes in mood, including anxiety, depression, stress and a general feeling of being overwhelmed.
These emotions may ebb and flow during NET cancer survivorship, and often mental health symptoms are invisible. Please share with your healthcare team if you are experiencing mental health symptoms that are impacting your day-to-day life such as marked changes in personality, eating or sleeping patterns, an inability to cope with problems or daily activities, relationship changes, feelings of apathy, loss of interest or increased anxiety, depression or mood changes.  Mental health symptoms are often treatable through counseling, medication and behavioral modification.
Listen to these two NETWise episodes that talk about coping with some of the emotional challenges you may experience in your NET journey:

NETs & Thrivership

What does an iceberg have in common with NET Cancer? For Mental Health Awareness month, NETRF’s Director of Patient Education Jessica Thomas, LCSW,  explains in this month's thrivership series.

"He Never Met a Stranger" 

Bobby Dick was a larger than life performer. An immensely popular entertainer from South Glens Falls, NY, Bobby and his band The Sundowners once opened for the Rolling Stones.
Bobby passed away from NETs in March, leaving a legacy of positivity, generosity and energetic entertainment. Read more about Bobby's remarkable life here.  
Bobby's family, fans and community have raised more than $5,000 for NETRF in tribute to the beloved entertainer.

The CureNET Project to host Second Annual Golf Tournament to Benefit NETRF

The CureNET Project, a 501c3 non-profit started by NET patient Brittany Holzhauer and her family, will host its second annual golf tournament to benefit NETRF on Saturday, August 26th at The Valley of the Eagles Golf Club in Elyria, Ohio.
Event information and registration can be found here
Last year's tournament raised more than $30,000 for NETRF. You can read about last year's event here, and learn about Brittany and her NET journey here

Welcome Anna Greene, PhD, NETRF’s Director of Research

NETRF is excited to welcome Anna Greene as our Director of Research. Anna is a mission-driven professional with vast experience in nonprofit research program development and operations. In previous nonprofit foundation roles, she has led cancer-focused grant programs of various sizes and scopes and supported patient-focused research initiatives such as patient registries and tumor boards. She has developed new grant programs, overseen and measured the impact of ongoing grant programs, grown researcher communities and connections, and broadly shared research and grant impact through articles and presentations.
Anna is motivated to help advance neuroendocrine tumor research to better understand the disease and ultimately to identify better treatments and cures. She received a BS in Chemistry from Berry College and a PhD in Chemistry from Dartmouth College. You can reach Anna at Anna.Greene@netrf.org.

Special Thanks to Ipsen for their Sponsorship

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