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More Than Surviving
Many survivors of childhood abuse think of themselves as defective, flawed, and worthless. Cec knows this too well. A survivor himself, he's familiar with the shame and brokenness that can come from abuse. He also knows there is hope, not only for surviving, but for flourishing.
Don Piper and Cec
Cec has agreed to write a new book with Don Piper and is diligently working on it to meet the publisher's tight deadline. What part of "retired" doesn't he understand? :-) 
The best gift an author can receive from a reader is a review. If you've read any of Cec's or Twila's books and enjoyed them, would you consider writing a review for Amazon, goodreads, your blog, or other online sites? Reviews help readers and retailers make informed book-buying decisions.
Excess Baggage
As I stood in line at Delta’s baggage check-in, the agent said to the woman in front of me, “You’re nineteen pounds overweight. You’ll have to pay for the excess weight or take out some of the goods.”

The woman dropped out of line to repack and stuff items into her large purse.

As I watched, I thought of the excess luggage most of us carry—hurts, slights, betrayals, and rejections. We haven’t let them go, even though they weigh us down. For example, whenever someone mentions a person we haven’t forgiven, we feel a heaviness inside. Even anger.

Those thoughts reminded me of Greek mythology and Atalanta, the fleet-footed goddess. Her father, King Schoeneus, wanted her to marry, but she refused. Finally, she agreed to marry only if her suitor could outrun her in a footrace. If the challengers lost, they would be put to death. Many young men tried, lost the race—and their lives.

Hippomenes became the next suitor and asked the goddess Aphrodite for help. She gave him three golden apples.

The race began and Atalanta was soon twenty yards ahead. Hippomenes rolled one apple in front of her, and she stooped to pick it up. A little later, he rolled out the second and she grabbed it. And the third.

By then, Atalanta was so weighted down, Hippomenes passed her and won the race.

The story teaches us that we self-sabotage by holding on to “golden apples” of anger, resentment, and unforgiveness. They hinder by weighing us down in successfully running life’s race.

We know they’re there, and we know they hold us back. Even so, it’s not easy to cast off those hurt feelings and rejection. With God’s help and opening ourselves to individuals we trust, we can dispose of the things that weigh us down. 

I'm running a race of life. I rid myself of every kind of excess baggage.
Personal News
  • More Than Surviving: Courageous Meditations for Men Hurting from Childhood Abuse, the first of two books I wrote in 2017, has just come off the press.

  • Between 2004 and 2011, I was Don Piper’s writing partner for four books, beginning with 90 Minutes in Heaven. I promised Don that if he chose to write again and wanted my help, I could be available.

  • Don decided to publish again. FaithWords offered us an excellent contract but gave us an April 15 deadline. They want to publish the book in November. Stressful, but we’ll make it.

The Twila ZoneNews from My Assistant, Twila Belk
I'm delighted to be chosen as the "cover girl" for the March issue of Book Fun Magazine. The interview Nora St. Laurent does with me begins on page 56.
Arise Daily Devos has used three of my devotions during the month of March. They are Extend Grace to OthersGain Perspective, and Quit Playing the Comparison Game.
If you use You Version reading plans, you might enjoy my five-day plan called The Power to Be: How to Be Still Through T-E-A-R-S
As I wrote The Power to Be: Be Still, Be Grateful, Be Strong, Be Courageous, I prayed that God would speak to people in specific ways on specific days and that I would hear occasional feedback from readers telling me how my devotions helped them. I'm thrilled that God has allowed that to happen. The feedback I've received since the book released a few weeks ago has encouraged me in a big way.
For a free preview of The Power to Betext POWERTOBE to 54900. After entering your email address, you'll receive five full chapters, the power statements, and other material. 
I'll speak to a small group of women at Asbury United Methodist Church in Bettendorf, Iowa, on April 10. And on Saturday, April 14, 25 p.m., I'll have a book signing at the Connect Coffee House at North Park Mall in Davenport, Iowa. Directly following my book signing, I will emcee my church's 50th anniversary gala event at the Quad Cities Prayer Center in North Park Mall.  
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