Nonprofit Newsletter 
September 2019
Nonprofit Stewards Can Do This Instead of Worrying about the Markets
By: Bob DiMeo, Managing Partner
To say stock and bond markets appear volatile and uncertain is an understatement. However, you are responsible for your nonprofits investments and whether you oversee an endowment, foundation or reserve fund, your objective is to advance the mission. Once you’ve acknowledged that it’s impossible to control the broad markets, it makes sense to...
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Financial Alchemy
Foreign Currency Effects Matter
By: Stephen Proffer, CFA, Consultant
For many investors, global bonds represent a significant portion of the investable universe and offer incremental diversification benefits. However, the domestic bond market accounts for just a portion of... 
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The Evolution of the U.S. Residential Mortgage Market
By: Paula Romanchuk, CFA, Consultant
Heightened market volatility and increased concerns about slowing growth globally have spurred discussions about the potential end of the market cycle. Naturally, this has led investors to draw comparisons between... 

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August 2019 Market Commentary

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We congratulate the following Associates on their firm anniversaries:

Adam Newell, CFA, CFP®, Partner, Director of The Wealth Office™ - 15 years
Michael Degnan, CFA, Research Analyst - Global Public Markets - 11 years
Brian Rooke, CAIASM, Research Associate - Global Private Markets - 6 years
Sandra Sergiyenko, Client Service Associate, The Wealth Office™ - 2 years

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