A View from the Board
The following is the latest in a series of monthly messages from the RVR Master Association Board, called “A View From the Board.” The messages summarize recent Board decisions and discussions and are designed to bring RVR homeowners up to date on issues important to the community. ***
As you all know, life in the age of coronavirus is not easy. At various times, we’re all coping with public health issues, economic hardships, and social isolation.
Managing a Homeowners Association in this environment presents its own set of challenges.
In this month’s View From the Board, I wanted to share with you some thoughts about the RVR Master Association in today’s world, and the new difficulties we face in making decisions that affect our community.
Why We Closed: RVR originally closed the Ranch House on March 16. We took this action following guidance from the State of Colorado, Garfield County, and the Town of Carbondale. Our goal was to protect the safety, health, and well-being of both staff and the RVR community.
That decision to close the Ranch House was ours alone, and it was not a difficult one.
How We Might Reopen: As March turned to April, and April turned to May, we began to explore how we might partially re-open the Ranch House and associated activities, including tennis, the swimming pool, and the lap pool. We thoroughly studied state and county guidance, including best practices in nearby communities.
It quickly became clear to us that the decision on reopening – how and when -- was no longer ours alone to make. We learned that whatever plan we develop for reopening would have to be approved by the Garfield County Department of Health. That’s as it should be; we’re in a public health emergency.
We Had a Plan: So last week, following a series of extensive meetings at RVR, we came up with what we thought was a sensible, cautious, and very limited approach to re-open the Ranch House. Our plan, required by law, is called a Business Social Distancing Plan. It called for opening the tennis courts, and the lap pool – and keeping the Ranch House building closed, except for very limited employee use.
The plan was based on the best available knowledge, at the time. We announced the plan to the community in our Friday newsletter, with the caveat that it was subject to approval by Garfield County.
Things Change: Then, on Friday, the State of Colorado amended its Public Health Order 20-28 click here to view. . The revised order, part of the Safer at the Home act, was mostly identical to the previous one, except it specifically calls for three facilities to remain closed: pools, amusement parks, and arcades.
As a result, we’ve had to revise our Business Social Distancing Plan. We’re now proposing a reopening without the lap pool.
There are two points in this: One, so much of what we do that has a public health impact is beyond our control. And two, public health guidance is constantly changing. Sometimes it gets more relaxed, and other times it gets more stringent. We have to be flexible and adaptive.
This example of our effort to reopen illustrates the environment we’ll be operating in for the foreseeable future.
Where We Go From Here: In the weeks and months ahead, we expect to address possible reopening of the pool, the upstairs exercise classroom, the fitness room, and the Ranch House building itself. At this point, we don’t know when these reopenings might occur, or what the restrictions and limitations might be.
Many of you are eager to know what summer will be like at RVR. There’s an understandable desire to return to some sense of normalcy. The idea of enjoying the pool with your families is very alluring.
As we go through the very gradual process of reopening our wonderful community, I ask for your patience and understanding.
Please know that we’ll do our part in ensuring the safety of our employees and community. Thank you for doing your part in maintaining physical distancing, and safe social connections – with your friends, family, and neighbors.
On behalf of your volunteer RVRMA Board,
Yvonne Perry Board President  
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