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June Newsletter

At this critical moment in history, there is an opportunity for the human community to come together, recognize our shared responsibility and interdependence, and imagine and co-create a just transition to a better future. One that is ecologically regenerative, honours and promotes biological, human, and cultural diversity, upholds equity, justice, and peace, and reintegrates all of humanity into a symbiotic community with nature.
Through our publishing, our goal is to act as a catalyst to open conversations and foster relationships with organizations, businesses, authors, and readers and to bridge the gap between those whose viewpoints, values, and life experiences may differ from our own so that we can work together towards a better common future.

7 ways non-Indigenous People can Support Indigenous People Grieving

In the wake of the discovery of the unmarked graves of 215 children at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School, many non-Indigenous people are wondering how they can hold space in a genuine and respectful manner that honours survivors and intergenerational survivors of Canada’s residential schools, and Indigenous communities at large. 
Just as one would do for any grieving community member, it is important to nurture, offer food and support to our Indigenous friends, without the expectation that they accept these offerings. And crucially, we must stop, listen, self-educate, and take action. Indigenous communities do not need our perspective, our lip service, or our virtue signaling. We must uplift Indigenous voices, follow their lead, and demand action from our government representatives
The Discourse and IndigiNews have collaborated to share seven ways that non-Indigenous allies can support healing for Indigenous people in the wake of this tragedy. Read the full post here. 
Other Resources:
Increase your knowledge of Indigenous histories and contemporary issues from an Indigenous perspective with this free online course Indigenous Canada
Familiarize yourself with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action
Discover further resources through the On Canada Project, Settlers Take Action
Herbal Health Virtual Conference
Join Mother Earth News and Mountain Rose Herbs for a two-day virtual conference featuring some of the country’s most established herbal health aficionados, including our very own Bevin Cohen and Crystal Stevens.
Each day will feature special one-hour demonstrations from instructors followed by optional small group sessions to hone your skills.

This conference will take place on Zoom and be limited in attendance. Registration will be open through Sunday, June 20, or until sold out. (Note: VIP registration is open until June 1, or until sold out.)

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Best of Blog

All Eyes on Fairy Creek
The Fairy Creek Blockade is a non-violent act of civil disobedience that has stopped Teal-Jones from building roads and logging old-growth trees in the last unlogged old-growth valley on southern Vancouver Island.
Since August 2020, individuals from all walks of life -- led by Indigenous Elders and youth -- have blocked the road that leads to Tree Farm License 46, the cut block known as Fairy Creek. Find out more about the blockade and ways that you can help from your home.  Read more here
Mozzarella-Style Cheese Recipe
The plant-based cheesemaking sector is rapidly growing and evolving, which is why we are so excited for the release of the second edition of The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking: How to Craft Real, Cultured, Non-Dairy Cheese. With new methods and recipes, this book takes vegan cheesemaking to a new level.

In this blog we feature an excerpt from The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking, where Karen McAthy shares her recipe for mozzarella-style vegan cheese. Recipe here
Create a Framework to Design and Develop Your Land
The process of designing your property or even a garden bed can be difficult. With so many considerations, techniques and decisions, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the complex process. Building Your Permaculture Property: A Five-Step Process to Design and Develop Land by Rob Avis, Takota Coen, and Michelle Avis offer a revolutionary holistic method to overcome this. 

Sustainable Building Essentials Series 

We are excited to announce that we have been working with the team at the Mother Earth News Fair to bring you a course based on our Sustainable Building Essentials Series. These courses offer techniques and systems to deliver measurable benefits in terms of greater energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact, distilled from the worlds' leading sustainable builders, designers, and engineers.
The first three courses are ready to go, with more being added in the coming months. 
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Get Up and Grow 

Thanks to all who joined us for our spring gardening events, featuring the author of Soil Science for Gardeners, The Chinese Greenhouse, The Artisan Herbalist, Pawpaws, and Growing Conifers. If you missed any of these one-hour webinars, you can watch them at your leisure on our Youtube channel.
The Aartisn Herbalist

Spring Books Now Off Press

Indigenomics The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking Pawpaws
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