IMPACT 12 days of gifts
Happy Holidays from your friends at IMPACT!
In celebration of the holiday season we will be sending 12 days of tips and tools.
We hope you find something helpful.

Day 4 - Google Easter Eggs

We know- wrong holiday! But... Google has some hidden features that might be helpful and fun to use in your next class or meeting. Search:
  • “Breathing exercise” for a 1 minute breathing exercise
  • “Flip a coin” for a coin flip
  • “Metronome” for a speed adjustable metronome
  • "Roll a die” to roll a six-sided die with the option for dice with more sides
  • “Spinner” to spin a wheel with the numbers 1-6. You can change the size of the wheel
  • “Timer” or “Stopwatch” for a timer or stopwatch
Google easter egg showing a ten-sided die rolling. Underneath, you can select how many sides you want the die to have. In the bottom center of the screen is the roll die button.
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