All-campus arrival testing requirement.
All-campus arrival testing requirement.
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COVID-19 Testing

Our multi-pronged approach to protecting each other’s health during spring 2021 will include an all-campus arrival testing requirement and then periodic surveillance testing throughout the semester.
Before coming to campus: As shared earlier, all students (undergrad and graduate) who will be on campus for any reason in spring 2021 are required to have a COVID-19 test (near your home) on or after January 14 and to upload your test result documentation to the Naz student health portal as soon as you get the result. For details, including what to do if you’ve had a positive test result, and additional state guidelines if you live beyond a state bordering New York, see the Testing webpage.
On-campus, all-campus arrival testing: In addition, all Nazareth campus community members — students, faculty, and staff who will be on campus for any reason during the spring semester (including class, library use, job, fitness center, etc.) — are required to have an arrival test on campus. Specifically:
  • All students during the first week of classes
  • All faculty and staff on January 27, January 28 or 29 (just before classes start)
See the specific walk-in times/dates on our new surveillance testing webpage
If your test is negative for COVID-19, it’s important to continue to follow all prevention guidelines (masks, social distancing, washing hands, immediately reporting COVID symptoms, etc.)
Other Health and Counseling services will be limited during arrival testing, since staff will be running the testing program. If you have an acute medical or mental health need while COVID-19 arrival testing is in progress (through the first week of classes), please contact Health and Counseling at 585-389-2500 to determine options for evaluation and treatment. As always, if you have a life-threatening concern on campus, please contact Campus Safety at 585-389-2850. Off campus, dial 911.

Insights during the pandemic

As students have adjusted to the pandemic, some say it’s brought new insights or opportunities.
Makayla Conway
Resilience has been required. “The pandemic has been a struggle for the most part,” says Makayla Conway ’24 from Bliss, N.Y., who’s studying inclusive education. Alongside the challenges, she has appreciated more time to spend with her family and her dogs. Also, “I have younger siblings, so I can take, and have taken, the extra time off to help them out and help out with watching them."
Katia Shepard
Some students have found a new focus. “The pandemic has made me focus on my mental health. … I rededicated myself to running religiously. I exercise at least 3-5 times a week now. I also write now in a journal 10 things that went well each day, so I focus on the positive. I encourage others with words of encouragement and positivity. I let them know I am here for them even if I can’t be physically.” — Katia Shepard ‘14, '21G of Canandaigua, who’s getting her master’s in inclusive childhood education
Christine Aline Nail
“It's made me really examine my priorities,” says Christine Aline Nail ‘22G, of Penfield, who’s pursuing her master’s in education. “It gave me more time at home with my children. I'm trying to model leadership in the face of adversity and perseverance to my children.”

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 resources

Question of the week

If I am in a priority group and get (or have gotten) the COVID-19 vaccine, do I still need surveillance testing?


Yes, until more research data is available. At this time, COVID-19 vaccination does not change the COVID-19 testing requirements of Nazareth and of New York state, nor the need to wear masks and follow other prevention guidelines. Vaccination is encouraged and important to prevent serious illness and death, but there is not yet data about whether vaccination prevents getting and spreading COVID-19 to others. (That will come, but the initial research has only confirmed the effectiveness of vaccination to prevent serious illness/death.)
Also, in the Naz student health portal, add your immunization dates in the Immunization section (COVID-19 is an option there). Also use the Upload section (upper right) to upload the documentation. (Upload is also where you upload your pre-semester COVID-19 test result.)
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