Vaccination questions, traveler protocol changes, and more.
Vaccination questions, traveler protocol changes, and more.
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One-question survey

This past year, we've had to adapt and do things differently in and out of the classroom. What new things/experiences have been helpful — that you hope will continue post-pandemic?
Students, please answer this anonymous, one-question survey here: Share your feedback. (Use your Naz credentials to log in.) The survey will close at 9 a.m. Monday.

If you are vaccinated or are getting vaccinated

Last week’s newsletter summarized the state’s recent expansion of who’s eligible for COVID-19 vaccine currently and how to sign up. If you are eligible and getting vaccinated, be aware:
If vaccination affects academics: For some people, vaccination (like any medical procedure) can require some recovery time. Students, if you think you will need to miss class due to your vaccination appointment or because of any side effects, be sure to communicate with your instructors beforehand to develop plans to complete required work. It is also important that you continue to complete your daily health screening. Even if you believe any symptoms you are experiencing are a result of the vaccination, completing the screening will ensure that you have the opportunity to discuss symptoms with staff in the Health Center who will determine if symptoms warrant any action.
Once you have your vaccination card: In your Naz student health portal under immunizations, two actions are needed. Both must be completed for you to be exempt from campus surveillance testing:
  • Enter the date(s) of your COVID-19 vaccination.
  • And upload the official documentation (photo of your vaccination card).
Once you are fully vaccinated (14 days after your second shot, or 14 days after your first shot if you are receiving a one-dose vaccine), you also will be exempt from having to quarantine if you are exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19. To verify this, you must have your vaccination recorded fully in the student health portal. Health and safety protocols (masks, distancing) still apply currently on campus.  

Watch your inbox for any surveillance testing emails

COVID-19 surveillance testing continues to test a randomly selected portion of the campus each week. Check your email each Thursday (subject line “You have been selected for COVID-19 Testing,” from to see if you’ve been chosen for testing on the following Monday/Tuesday. Remember the results only provide information for the time of that test. More details: Surveillance Testing.
Separately, COVID-19 testing is also available on campus for anyone with symptoms (including if you’ve been vaccinated). If you have close contact with someone who tests positive, you should be tested — unless you’ve been vaccinated. To arrange testing and get further information, fill out your Nazareth online screening (if you filled it out earlier in the day, you can re-do it) and follow the instructions.

Traveler protocol changes

Starting April 1, New York will not require quarantine for domestic travelers coming from another U.S. state or U.S. territory. Details: Travelers section on our quarantine information webpage.

Looking to recharge?

Not having a designated spring break during this compacted semester is challenging for many of us. Taking some time to recharge each day/week can help.
  • Do something pleasing related to one of your senses —  seeing (beauty, art), touch (hug a pet, favorite blanket, or a tree), smell (spring flowers!), hearing (favorite music), taste (good food).
  • Put on music and dance or walk a big loop around campus.
  • Connect with someone you're missing, even if that's a friend or relative over Facetime, Google Meet, or Zoom.
  • Naz Counseling’s mental health care package has more ideas that are accessible even if you can't be with people face to face, such as: Watch something online with a friend who’s in another place. Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) synchronizes video playback in two locations and adds group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO.
If you are struggling with anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, depression, motivation, or focus/concentration, please know that you are not alone. The effects of this pandemic on mental health are profound. Please reach out. See Naz Counseling’s webpage for details.

COVID alert level

Our campus alert level continues to be 2, which indicates modified operations due to case levels in the area around campus.

COVID-19 Resources

Have a question? You can send it in using the form on any of those pages.
COVID-19 resources
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