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What does a win-win look like?
What does a win-win look like?
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Hi Friend,
As we wind down 2016, consider what big changes may be in store for you in 2017…
Have you thought about a job change? Will it mean relocating out of state? Are you thinking about upsizing (or downsizing) to a different home? Life comes at us quickly sometimes, and it’s always best to consider some “what ifs” when planning for the future.
Last week, I covered what it means to negotiate from a buyer’s perspective. This week we’ll take a look at the flip-side and examine what a win-win looks like for home sellers.
The Art of Negotiation - Part 2: The Seller’s Side
When I work with a home seller, each case is different. Some people call me months before a listing to plan home improvements after we carefully walk through to build a checklist. I also receive calls asking to list ASAP. Job transfers and family situations can make a seller’s journey a roller coaster ride! If a seller is building a home, they may not want their current house to sell quickly. Families with school-aged children are motivated by the school calendar. 
I work with each client to sell their home in the timeframe that works best for them because the reasons are all varied and personal.
You just need ONE buyer!
The goal is to get a seller’s home in the best condition possible before listing. Doing a market analysis is my first step, so I can best advise on any improvements that should be done before listing. I work to get the highest return on their investment and top dollar for their home’s unique value (in the eyes of the buyer.)
Outstanding photos, competitive pricing, preparing for showings, managing an open house and maximizing home exposure in the market are all critical steps.
How negotiation comes into play:
Once an offer is received, some negotiation is expected at this point. Rarely does a buyer bring you a full price offer. Both the buyer and the seller have to give and take, so they both feel it’s a win-win at the end. Not only will the sale price be negotiated, but also the closing date and possession date. Other closing considerations:
  • Do you want to empty your house before you close and load a moving truck, or have a few days after closing to vacate? There’s a risk to moving out before closing. What if the sale falls through unexpectedly?

  • Does the buyer want a home warranty? There are a number of questions that need to be answered once the offer is received!

What’s next?
After the contract is received and accepted, the buyer will schedule an inspection on your home, which may bring additional repair items the seller needs to address. ALL inspectors will find something because no house is perfect. (They also need to justify the expense of a home inspection!)
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You could be sleeping like this soon!
Appraisal: What you need to know - CLICK to learn more
If the appraisal comes in lower than anticipated, more negotiation will come into play in order to make it work for all parties.
If this all sounds complicated, I can help!
There is pretty much no situation I haven’t encountered yet - some fantastic stories and “curl your toes” moments. I would love to put my experience to work for you and negotiate on your behalf. There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing my clients to the closing table in a smooth and efficient manner. Making timelines work, negotiating the best interest of my clients and feeling confident about each closing takes attention to detail and experience. There’s a reason I sleep like a baby before each closing; ALL the hard work is done and I know the reward of a job well done is close at hand!
Call, text or email me to discuss your home selling questions!
Best regards,
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