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August Newsletter 2016
August Newsletter 2016

The Board of Directors schedules a retreat every year as a time to get together with new members and develop a shared understanding of our goals for the coming year. This year, our BOD retreat took place at the end of June.

At this year's retreat we conducted a self-assessment as a team and created a plan for self-improvement. We also reviewed the Board’s monitoring processes as a means of improving accountability. Very importantly for this year, we wanted to be sure we all know the Board’s role and responsibilities during the relocation process and to understand the foundations of capital campaigns.

You have probably heard that the Co-op is going to be offering owners the opportunity to invest in the relocation and future of the store through Investment Shares. Though we cannot share details on the offering until the State of California approves our proposal, we hope to have all the information available in-store and mailed out to owners within a couple months. Once the campaign launches, please take the time to review the material and ask any questions you may have. Your participation is vital to the success of this campaign and the Co-op. 
 Your participation is vital to the success of this campaign and the Co-op. 
The more money we raise from our owners, the less that will have to be borrowed from a large financial institution.  
Prior to the retreat, we had a Board Member resign. We all know how life can change over the course of time and we may not be able to continue as planned. Unfortunately, this happens to Board Members on occasion and we are left to find a replacement. This is one reason we like to have a list of potential Board Members on file. If you have ever given thought to serving on the Board, please contact us with any questions. We are now in the process of gathering applications for this year’s election, so this is a great time to throw your hat into the ring.

We are all looking forward to working together with you and the staff in this exciting time. Although the ball's been rolling for a while, you should be able to see it soon and hopefully be as excited as we are.  
It’s a round, orange fruit covered with a paper-like husk. It’s commonly referred to as a ground cherry, the Aztec Berry, Pok Pok, or Ras Bhari. It is, in fact, the Peruvian Golden Berry! When you cut into the golden berry, it looks like a tomato. The taste is sweet but slightly tart and is reminiscent of pineapple, strawberries or citrus with an earthy undertone.
The Peruvian golden berry is great for your health.
It is high in vitamins A and C, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. The ripe fruit has high concentrations of beta-carotene. It also has calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, bioflavonoids, protein and fiber. The nutrients packed into this powerful little plant have been linked to health benefits including: better vision, strengthened immune systems, reduced risk of strokes, improved HDL (the good cholesterol), and healthy brains and nervous systems. It contains a natural antihistamine which can help with allergies.

Peruvian golden berries are great in pies and tarts. Try cutting them up and adding to yogurt or ice cream. Preserve them as jam or jelly. Golden berries are a unique and memorable contribution to any salsa, and will also round out a fresh summer salad.

Our Golden Berries are grown locally and sustainably at Canopy Farm in Chico. The benefits of this fruit are too numerous to list in this short article. Please ask a produce worker for a taste of this local fruit before passing it by.

Kevin Durkin 
Produce Buyer
July has been an exciting month for food cooperatives around the country. Co-op owners have created more stores, new services, and expanded food offerings in their communities. As we in Chico prepare for the major project of moving and growing our own Cooperative, we want to show off the amazing things being done by our sister-stores around the nation.
Eastside Co-op of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Conceived in 1996 in the vibrant center of America’s cooperative movement, Eastside has been operating a brick-and-mortar storefront since 2003.  The community’s fantastic reaction to the cooperative experience required Eastside to begin planning an expansion after just a few short years of being open for business. From 2010-2016, they raised over $6 million to create a bigger, better Co-op for the eastside of Minneapolis! Their expanded location, which opened last week, added a community meeting space, a beverage bar, and a much larger sales floor. 
The Co-op also added 20 permanent new jobs in their newly grown building.
Eastside is an inspiring model of how a small Co-op can grow smartly in order to serve new communities while still holding fast to the ideals of its founding owners.
PCC Natural Market of Seattle, Washington
PCC is the largest consumer-owned grocery cooperative in the United States. What started as a small buying club in 1953 has grown to include a network of 11 stores over the greater Seattle area.  PCC’s most recent addition, in the Bothell section of Seattle, is a fantastic example of how the cooperative emphasis on sustainability results in a superior facility. The Bothell location employs cutting-edge heating, cooling, and lighting systems to ensure that the store has the lowest possible carbon footprint. PCC has also purchased WISErg harvester which turns food scraps into high-quality organic fertilizer, to be sold in-store. PCC’s bold vision, commitment to the environment, and engaged ownership have grown it into one of the leading lights in the national Cooperative movement.
Chico Natural Foods Co-op isn’t as big as PCC or as new as Eastside. Every Co-op, like every community, is different. However, we are all excited and inspired by the bold moves and great ideas which are appearing all over the cooperative landscape, and we want to hear from YOU. Please share your ideas and inspiration for the Co-op’s future. Send us letters, write comment cards in-store, send us messages on Facebook or through e-mail. Our owners are the Co-op, and we want to make your vision a reality.
Joey Haney
Outreach Coordinator
Owner-Only Sales
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