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Holiday Hours
As a reminder, due to the updcoming New Year holiday, the Ranch House will be closed the following days: December 31 and January 1, 2022.

Ranch House Guest Policy
During the busy holiday season the Ranch House experiences an increase in guest visits. As you prepare for you guests to visit the facility, we would like to remind you of our guest policy: 
  • When bringing in guests, please stop at the Front Desk to check them in. The Front Desk staff will need your guests names and age group (adult, child).

  • The Ranch House Member must accompany guests. Unaccompanied guests are not permitted.

  • The daily guest fees are adults $7, child $5, and can be paid by the Ranch House Member or guest. Guest fees apply for any type of Ranch House use.

  • Each adult must fill out a one-time waiver. Minor children must be listed on these waivers.

  • Ranch House Members are responsible for their guests at all times. 
COVID Exposure Protocols at The Ranch House
We are staying diligent at the Ranch House in protecting the health and safety of our members and staff. If management is aware of a close contact exposure, we will contact the affected individuals and ask them to follow the most recent CDC guidelines for Isolation and Quarantine.
Click HERE for more. 
Ranch House Parking Lot
Upon witnessing a few close calls this past snowy week, we would like to remind everyone to slow down while driving through the Ranch House parking lot. It's also important to remember that the parking lot flows in one direction. To avoid conflicts between vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic including little sledders heading for the sled hill, please be sure to drive slowly in the correct direction of the Ranch House parking lot.


New Years Eve Celebration at Old Thompson Barn 
Friday, Dec. 31 | 7 p.m. to 10 p.m
Brian and Janis Leasure, Karen Peirson and Amy Luther invite you to an evening of cocktails and desserts. 
Click HERE for more.

Reminders & Highlights

Old Town Advisory Committee Meeting
The Old Town Advisory Committee formally invites you to attend the Old Town Meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m.
The meeting will take place in the conference room of the Ranch House and via Zoom. To attend this meeting via zoom,  click HERE to register.
Mail Room
As a reminder, the Ranch House mail room is run exclusively by the United States Postal Service. Ranch House staff is not involved in the process of setting up a mail box and does not have any information regarding mail delivery times or the speed of the delivery process. Additionally, we cannot hold onto or handle misdelivered mail. If you find incorrect mail in your box, please place it in the misdelivered box located near the entrance door of the mailroom.
RVR Community Ratifies 2022 Budget
At December's monthly Board meeting, the RVR Master Association Board announced the community has formally ratified the 2022 budget.
Following the Board’s unanimous approval of the budget at a December 1 Special Meeting, homeowners had the next step — voting on the budget as part of the ratification process. According to our governing documents, two-thirds of RVR’s 552 property owners (368) would have to vote no to reject the budget; if that didn’t happen, the budget is automatically ratified. Of the 189 homeowners who voted on the budget ratification, 128 were in favor of the budget, while 61 opposed it. That means the budget is ratified, and goes into effect on January 1, 2022.
RVR Property Owners who mail their payment will be receiving notification from our Accounting Department over the next week about what their monthly dues will be, starting in January. Those owners who are on auto-pay will automatically have their payment adjusted.
If you want to see what your dues will be next year, click HERE to view the “Dues by Neighborhood Matrix."
Family & Therapeutic Spa Reminders
The Ranch House Hot tubs are very popular this time of year. We want to remind everyone of some important rules for this well liked winter amenity:
  • All users must rinse off before using the hot tub, to limit the spread of bacteria and germs.

  • No food is allowed in either spa — Adults may responsibly consume beverages; please use care not to spill beverages in the spas, no glass containers, and alcoholic beverages must be purchased at the Ranch House.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent, adult or caregiver fifteen (15) years of age or older who is also in the hot tub or on the spa deck.

  • No toys, floaties or noodles of any type are allowed in either spa, with the exception of personal flotation devices (PFDs)

  • All users must behave in a safe and courteous manner.
Ski Buddies
Looking for some more ski buddies? Connect with other RVR ski enthusiasts by clicking here HERE
Please be aware that others will be able to view your contact information.
RVR Golf Closed
for The Season
The golf course is now officially closed for the season and responsible public access is permitted. Here is what you can and cannot do on golf course property this winter:
  • Walking, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing is permitted. Bikes are not allowed on golf course property at any time, including cart paths and bridges. Bike tracks damage the bridges, golf course grounds and groomed tracks.

  • Dogs are allowed on property but must be leashed per Carbondale leash laws. Dog owners are responsible for their pet behavior. Please bring your own waste bags and pick up after your dogs and discard of waste in HOA receptacles, not golf course trash containers. 

  • Once there is sufficient snow, golf maintenance crews, as a courtesy, will groom public access cross country trails on the front nine. Currently, the snow base is still too thin for grooming but the forecasted snow may change that.

  • The driving range is open for sledding with helmets recommended and parental supervision required for children under 12 years of age. The use of the sledding hill is at your own risk so please practice reasonable safety.

  • Indoor Golf Simulator play begins in January. A Sim Pass is required as is vaccination to use the Simulator. 

  • The Homestead Bar and grill reopens for regular winter hours on Friday, Dec. 31.


Fitness Schedule

Click HERE for a printable version of the Ranch House Fitness schedule. 
Fitness Rules
We would like to thank everyone for following the Gym Rules we posted in recent newsletter's. While we are noticing big improvements, we are still receiving reports that members are not re-racking weights and turning the TV volume up too high. Children under the age of 15 have also been spotted in the gym recently, which is strictly prohibited.
Click HERE to read a complete list of gym rules.
Thank you for doing your part to help us create an enjoyable and safe environment for all members who use the facility.

COVID - 19 Information

Vaccine Opportunities
All Coloradans 5 and older are now eligible to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. Click HERE for information on where you can receive your COVID 19 vaccine.
Free COVID Testing
Click HERE to schedule a free COVID-19 test.

Community Announcements

Story Art with the Aspen Art Museum at the Carbondale Library on Thursday, Jan 6 at 4 p.m.
Click here to learn more.
Carbondale First Friday & Main Street Family Ice Skate Party at The 4th Street Plaza and Gus Darien Ice Rinks.
Click here to learn more.
The Wiffenpoofs of Yale University at TACAW on Saturday, Jan. 8 at 5:30 p.m.
Click here to learn more.
43rd Annual Valley Visual Arts Show at the R2 Gallery on Friday, Jan, 21 through Friday, Feb. 25 at 5 p.m.
Click here to learn more.
Light the Night with Love 2022 hosted by KDNK Community Public Radio and True Nature Healing Arts on Feb.11-Feb. 13 from 5 - 7:30 p.m. 
Click here to learn more.

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