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The Census Bureau’s October 31st deadline to complete their 2020 head count is fast approaching. But as of this week Louisiana lags badly in their response.
While many states have reached the Census Bureau’s goal of 99% enumeration, as of Sept 30th, southern and rural states have the lowest rates of completion with only days left to count.
Roughly 195,000 Louisianians have not been counted. That’s more than the entire city of Shreveport.
Go to to be counted. Or call 1-844-330-2020. Please share this critical information with your friends, families, and networks.

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Don Asay, Robby Habans, Lamar Gardere, Cody Brumfield, Amy Teller, Rachel Weinstein, Arthur Rymer, Katrina Andry, Erica Amrine, Allison Plyer, Dabne Whitemore, and Jenna Losh
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