High Risk Advisory
High Risk Advisory
Buying cheap can be expensive to your business

Buying low-profile air movers assembled overseas is RISKY. It's tempting when weather events strike and demand is high to “purchase anything that moves air”, but it isn't worth the serious risk to your business. 

Many overseas factories - especially those in China - take drastic shortcuts to produce products quickly and reduce costs. For example, they often substitute lower quality plastic, assuming that most customers won't notice. This can be dangerous for homeowners and contractors, especially when airmovers are left running unattended on restoration jobs.
Your best choice - so you can rest-assured that you have the highest quality product made - is buying trusted Dri-Eaz low-profile airmovers, molded and assembled in Legend Brands' US plants. If you have low-profile airmovers assembled overseas (China, etc.), return them to your distributor immediately.
You've worked too hard building your business to lose it over cheap airmovers. 
Quality You Can Trust

Call your Legend Brands distributor today to order genuine Dri-Eaz low-profile airmovers.

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