State of the Sagebrush Sea
State of the Sagebrush Sea

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"My strong connection to nature began early in life through family adventures in the foothills and mountains of rural northern California. The rural connection was amplified through 10 years of participation in the local 4-H program. Because of my passion for wild critters and natural landscapes, the decision to become a Wildlife Biologist was without deliberation nor hesitance."  READ MORE from JEFF MACKAY'S PROFILE

State of the Sagebrush Sea

Of the vast, wide-open spaces that characterize much of the American West, some 165 million acres are covered in sagebrush. Though seemingly open and empty to the naked eye, these lands are teeming with life. Pronghorn, deer, elk, sage-grouse, pygmy rabbits, and countless other species rely on the sagebrush biome for food and shelter. However, sagebrush ecosystems are some of the most delicate in North America. They are also becoming increasingly threatened for reasons ranging from expanding conifer (like juniper) populations, invasive annual grasses and wildfire. READ MORE
Photo by Brandon McMullen,

Opportunities for Youth to Explore Careers

Burns High School student Merissa Medley has an interest in detective work and investigation. This year, as a senior, she jumped at the chance when she learned about an internship opportunity at the sheriff’s office. “I’ve always been the kind of person who appreciates law enforcement and what they do, so it’s just something that I’ve always been interested in,” she said. The High Desert Partnership’s Youth Changing the Community Collaborative (YCTC) has partnered with Burns High School to create the Harney Internship Program, for juniors and seniors in which they can work with local businesses to gain credit, knowledge and experience in various career fields. READ MORE.
Pictured: Lacy Tiller at Slater Elementary during her elementary education internship, photo by Brandon McMullen,

Happy Hour!

A new event for the Harney County Migratory Bird Festival, a Wetlands Happy Hour took place Thursday April 13 as the annual Harney County Migratory Bird Festival got under away. Thanks to several Harney Basin Wetlands Collaborative partners it proved to be a fun and educational event about why birds use some areas more than others; what entices birds to rest and nest at different locations in the Harney Basin and a bit about wet meadow restoration that is enhancing this habitat and agriculture land.
Photos by Brandon McMullen,

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 2023 Upcoming Events 
Wednesday, May 10 Harney County Forest Restoration Collaborative Meeting
Tuesday, May 16 Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, May 17 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Tuesday, May 23 Biz Harney Opportunity Collaborative Meeting
Tuesday, May 23 | Youth Changing the Community Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, May 31 Harney Basin Wetlands Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, June 21 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 27 Biz Harney Opportunity Collaborative Meeting

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