Are you looking for materials to help convert your courses to online?
Information from Marie Waung, CASL Digital Education Collaborative (C-DEC) Director
Dear CASL Faculty:

Do you wish for a quick and easy way to find online materials for your courses?  Are you looking for video, course modules, simulations, or podcasts to use in your classes?  If so, try these Open Educational Resource (OER) search engines.  

1. Oasis is a good, easy-to-use search engine. It allows you to search by material type (video, course modules, podcasts) and by topic. Here is the link to Oasis: This is the most user-friendly of these search engines.  

2. OER Commons: has a creation tool that allows items to be modified and shared.  

3. Mason OER Meta-finder  is a more powerful and comprehensive search engine by George Mason University, but less user friendly.

Click here for a C-DEC handout with more details on OERs. This was developed with help from Raya Samet. Thankfully, we have terrific guidance from Hub instructional designers, librarians, and Canvas support folks. When this semester is over, we may need to throw them an appreciation party! (What a treat it will be to be able to gather in groups again one day.)

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