Oceans 8 Films
To set the record straight, there are not eight oceans.
If you go to your atlas, you’ll find five (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern).
If you spin your globe it’s pretty easy to understand why many, including myself, think of it as just one big, interconnected ocean, covering 72 percent of the planet. 
Given those truths, the name of my company – Oceans 8 Films – is understandably confusing. It stems from the ten-year-long project I did in collaboration with the National Geographic Expeditions Council, in which we used sea kayaks to explore the world’s ocean and its coastlines one continent at a time (plus Oceana). 
7 continents + Oceana = 8 expeditions. Thus the origin of Oceans 8.
It is an extremely busy time for the film company and we’ve designed a new website in part so that we can keep up with ourselves. Subjects of new films and films-in-production range from fracking to the aftermath of the BP spill, from learning to swim in the Maldives to the boom in fishing slaves and onto Antarctica, in 3D!
Please have a look around the new site. Our latest film, ‘Antarctica 3D, On the Edge’ has a couple premieres this fall, at the Woodstock Film Festival and the Blue Ocean Film Festival so if you’re in the neighborhood….

Visit us at oceans8films.com.
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