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From the CEO
“We are so lucky to have ADA in this country.”

That was my thought when I recently visited a city that, while beautiful with its cobblestone streets and trams throughout, made me wonder how a person with a physical disability could navigate those historic streets. I quickly concluded that the person with a disability was likely living a life of seclusion when, at the end of the week, I realized I had seen no wheelchairs and only one person on crutches.  
Inability to navigate environments that are both visually oriented as well as busy and cluttered limits daily mobility and contributes to fear of traveling for those with disabilities. 
Consistently, the most accessible cities are those with accessible 24/7 transportation.
No city can claim to be fully accessible because the definition of accessibility is as unique as the person, but I still decided to do the research. Is there a “most accessible” city?  What I found was a list of attributes that were highlighted in a particular city. What can Fort Wayne do to enhance accessibility? 
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More Than Awareness

by: Andie Mosley
As an autistic person, “awareness” months always make me chuckle. Often interpreting things literally, I think, “people aren’t aware this exists?” Of course, I understand the actual purpose is to spread awareness of the struggles, needs, messages, etc., of whichever cause or group the month is celebrating. Bringing awareness leads to action, usually in volunteering time or donating money to reach a specific goal, for example, cancer research. However, during this Disability Awareness Month, I would like to propose a new challenge for the celebration.

Last year in April, known as Autism Awareness Month, autistic self-advocates made the change to celebrate “autism acceptance” rather than awareness. I’m not suggesting copying that specific idea, but I like the thought of shifting the message to something more direct. Rather than just being aware of the challenges faced by people with disabilities in our communities, think about what you can do to become an ally. Donating to organizations that serve individuals with disabilities or volunteering your time to these organizations is indeed important. Still, there are things we can do in our everyday lives that are as easy as simple changes in mindset. 

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FINDER Event Calendar

Are you looking for training, a fun event supporting a good cause, or maybe you would like to promote your organization’s event for others to attend? FINDER can help. offers individuals with disabilities, caregivers, and professionals the ability to search for upcoming disability-related events and training opportunities by location, area of interest, organization, or audience. Simply click on the Events tab located on the home page. FINDER makes learning about activities in your area easy.

If you work with an organization that would like to post an event on FINDER, look for the Submit a Listing banner and click the Submit Now button located on the home page. FINDER will walk you through the process. It’s a quick and easy way to promote your event to other like-minded people.
If you have questions, email the FINDER team at for more information. 

More News

Our disABILITIES Expo program guide always features the work of an artist with a disability on the cover. In 2019, we started a contest to find the cover art. The winner of the contest receives $100 and is recognized in the guide. Help us find our 2022 cover! Submission information can be found on the Expo website. Deadline for submission is April 8.
Join us! 11th annual disabilities expo on May 14, 2022 from 10am to 3pm at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. 1,200 attendees; Sponsor opportunities available. Vendor registration starts at $80!
Early bird prices for vendor registration are still good through this week. Register by March 18 to save!

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