October 9, 2020

Need-to-Know News from the USA 

Amid Campaign Turmoil, Biden Holds Wide Leads on Coronavirus, Unifying the Country
Why Share It: The Pew Research Center has published the results of its much-anticipated, pre-election American Trends Panel survey, which is a national poll of nearly 12,000 U.S. adults that gauges sentiment on how the public views the presidential candidates on a set of key issues and personal attributes.

Trump’s Bout With COVID-19 Might Be Hurting His Reelection Chances
Why Share It: FiveThirtyEight summarizes the results of opinion surveys conducted after last week’s presidential debate and President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis.
Trump’s Chance to Win Is Fading With Little Time Left to Recover
Why Share It: Based on the results of recent opinion surveys, Bloomberg evaluates President Trump’s reelection chances.

Trump’s Struggles Ripple Across the Sun Belt, Endangering G.O.P. Stronghold
Why Share It: The New York Times details how the political landscape is changing in America’s South and Southwest.

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