Get New Ideas for the New Year, Watch Out for New Ransomware, and Much More
Get New Ideas for the New Year, Watch Out for New Ransomware, and Much More
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Did The Annual New Year's Pay TV Price Hikes Finally Go Too Far?

Did the annual New Year's pay TV price hikes finally go too far? Cross-tier price hikes are an annual New Year's ritual in the pay TV industry, as predictable as the ball dropping in Times Square or turn-of-the-year carriage blackouts.

But given the current rate of linear pay TV customer attrition, maybe a little New Year's resolution on behalf of the major operators would have been a good thing.

In early December, fresh off losing 251,000 customers in the third quarter for its linear DirecTV platform, AT&T announced that prices for all of the satellite TV carrier's tiers would shoot up by $2 to $8.

Cox Communications, meanwhile, began notifying customers that it would institute across-the-board price increases starting Jan. 7, with rates for video packages increasing by $1 to $5 a month, and internet tiers shooting up $2 to $4.

A few days later, Comcast and Dish Network, which also experienced significant cord cutting in the third quarter, chimed in with increases of their own. Comcast had already upped its programming "surcharges" in October. In fact, since it first instituted the sneaky fees it passes on to customers for things like broadcast retransmission and regional sports networks in January 2015, Comcast had increased them by 241%.

On the pay TV side, Cox representative Todd Smith told Fierce that "the rising cost of programming content continues to be the main reason why our video prices increase."

"Like others in the industry, as programming costs increase, we periodically adjust pricing, added AT&T spokesman Eric Ryan. "These prices are still a great value and [are] very competitive."

Of course, with the traditional pay TV business having shed as many as 3 million customers in 2017, and low-cost virtual pay TV options proliferating, you'd have to think that this is the year traditional price-spiking tradition might end … or at least ebb a little.

"We've long since passed the point where programmer price increases are self-defeating," MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett told Fierce in an email. "The biggest driver of cord cutting is that prices are too high. But the solution of too many programmers is to raise prices even faster to compensate. It's like a car that is headed for a cliff, with a driver that believes the only solution is to step on the gas."

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, consumer cable and satellite TV bills have increased 53% since 2007, to $100.98 in 2017.

"We must pass along a portion of these higher costs to our customers," a representative from Comcast told FierceCable via email, echoing Cox and AT&T's defense regarding rising program licensing costs. "As a result, on average, nationally, the customer bill will increase by 2.2% in 2018."

The increases also come amid the Republican-led corporate tax rate rollback, a polarizing bill passage that has led many telecom service customers wondering what companies like AT&T are doing spiking prices at a time when their tax rate is decreasing from an effective rate of 32.7% to around 21%, saving the company perhaps billions. 

Source: FierceCable

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