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1. For YOU
Deermeadows mailed a guide to each of your households to use during this Season of Lent. Will you please let us know if you did not receive this devotional book? We want to explore what Christ is saying to His church during these days. The word “Lent” comes from an Old English word meaning “springtime.” Springtime arrives slowly and beautifully. I encourage you to move through the Season of Lent looking carefully, finding God’s artistry in life every day.
2. T-H-B (on Your Phone)
Will you please set an alarm on your phone, or other device, to pray every day at noon during the Season of Lent? If noon doesn't work for your school or work schedule, set another time to join your church in prayer.
We are praying three things using the acrostic THB...
 T = “Thank You Lord for ___(something specific from this day)___."
H = “Help me Lord to ___(something you want to stop or start doing)_."
B = “Bless our world Lord with __(something to let others know of Christ) _."
3. FORWARD: Faith Points the Way
As we explore the journey from Lent to Easter our theme will be FORWARD. We are examining the story of Joshua leading God’s people forward into the Promised Land. God’s people did this day by day through their faith in the Lord. Did you know that in Scripture “Promised Land” is never used to refer to Heaven? Christ Jesus desires for us to flourish on our earthly journey through His gifts of salvation, peace, joy, courage and wisdom to name a few. Join us each week – online or on campus – as we seek to move FORWARD in our faith.
Every Blessing in Christ,

New Lenten Message Series
Lenten and Easter Schedule: 
♦ March 28th: Palm Sunday Service @ 11:00am in the Sanctuary & Live Stream 
♦ April 1st: Maundy-Thursday Service @ 6:30pm in the Sanctuary & Live Stream
(Care for Babies - PreK available)
♦ April 2nd: Good Friday via Facebook Live @ 12:00 Noon

♦ April 4th: Easter Sunday

› Outdoor Service (On the Field) @ 8:30am
(In the event of rain or bad weather, this service will be held indoors.)
› Indoor Service (Sanctuary & Live Stream) @ 11:00am
Heads Up Kids & Parents!...
Connect with other women at Deermeadows through two great opportunites during the week!
Contact Susan Payne for more info.
On-Campus in Founders Hall: 6:30pm
and Facebook Live: 7:00pm
On-Campus in The Gathering Place
February: Missions Emphasis Month
(Please drop off all donations at the Gathering Place or in the Narthex.)

Senior Adults...
Every year the Senior Adults contribute to the Upward Soccer program at Deermeadows by making phone calls to team members parents/guardians to let them know about their player’s team, schedule, and other important information. The information is read from a script and only takes a couple of minutes per player. If you're willing to invest 30-45 minutes please contact Len Sak (642-2200 x 204 or  These calls will be made beginning late February through early March. Thank you for helping Deermeadows serve the families of Upward Soccer!
For the Record:
2020 through December
(Financial Reports approved by Finance Committee on 3rd Sun. of each month.) 
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