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ADD Flyer link updated
ADD Flyer link updated
January 2017 - Vol. 4, No. 1

4 Days of Integrated Response Topics:
2018 Conference Registration Opens May 1

In 2018, ALERRT will be traveling outside of San Marcos to the DFW region to host the 9th annual ALERRT Conference at the Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. Thanks to the overwhelming success from the last few years, we are excited to be moving to a larger convention center that will be able to accommodate more attendants, and reach those who may have not been able to travel to San Marcos in the past. 
The 2018 conference will take place Wednesday, October 31 thru Saturday, November 3, with more details to come.
For Vendor Information, please contact Stephanie Brown, Conference Coordinator.
Dates and locations for the upcoming conferences::
2018  |  Wednesday, October 31 - Saturday, November 3  |  Gaylord Texan - Grapevine, TX (Dallas, Texas)
2019  |  Sunday, September 29 - Wednesday, October 2  |  Gaylord Rockies - Aurora, CO (Denver, Colorado)
2020  |  Saturday, October 31 - Tuesday, November 3  |  Gaylord Texas - Grapevine, TX  (Dallas, Texas)
2021  |  Saturday, October 30 - Tuesday, November 2  |  Gaylord Opryland - Nashville, TN
2022  |  Wednesday, October 5 - Saturday, October 8  |  Gaylord National - Oxon Hill, MD (Washington DC)

ALERRT Skills Save Lives

I wanted to pass on some news regarding the Detroit Police Department's implementation of the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care guidelines as taught by ALERRT in their Level II Active Shooter program. Since rolling out this training to our department in July of 2017, the Detroit Police department has recorded ten (10) tourniquet applications to members of our citizenry. In each case, the emergency room staff has informed the involved officers that the application of the tourniquet likely saved the life of the injured citizen.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your fellow instructors at ALERRT for the wonderful training you provided to the officers of the Detroit Police Department. It is having a direct impact on our officers, our department, and our citizens.  Thank you again for giving us the knowledge and confidence to take an active roll in  helping to administer medical care to our citizens, and not just stand there shining our flashlights down the street looking for EMS.


Daniel Woods, Police Officer
Detroit Police Department
Professional Education and Training
Detroit, MI 48208

Buda Tx Chief Bo Kidd Reports Tourniquet Save
On Monday, December 4th, Buda Police Officers were dispatched to an Accident (Vehicle vs Motorcycle) with injuries in Buda, Texas.  Officer Sherwal Foulstone was the closest unit and went enroute immediately. Officer Foulstone arrived at the scene in less than two minutes. The motorcycle driver’s leg had been completely severed and required immediate lifesaving intervention. Officer Foulstone understood the urgency of an arterial bleed knowing that they likely had only a few minutes to stop the flow of blood leaving his body. Ofc Foulstone had prepped his tourniquet while enroute and was able to apply the tourniquet to the victim immediately upon arrival. Officer Josh Albarez arrived shortly thereafter  and ensured that the tourniquets were adequately tighten and applied a third to ensure that they had stopped the flow of blood leaving Mr Zavala’s body. EMS arrived shortly thereafter and transported Mr Zavala to a higher level of care at South Austin Hospital. If not for the immediate actions of medical intervention (at the point of injury) by these two officers, this accident would have likely been fatal.
Chief Kidd adds: 
I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of another life that has been saved due to ALERRT Training. My guys wear tourniquets on their belts and have additional in go bags. The person who’s life was saved is a friend of County Commissioner Mark Jones. He has been very vocal and appreciative of the actions from these two guys and credits them with “saving his life." Commissioner Jones has requested some details so they can present a proclamation to honor these officers at the next Commissioners Court Meeting.  Sherwal had been through the Level II earlier in 2017 and Josh had in a Level II a year or two earlier. It is good to see equipment and training pay off. Blessings to you and the folks at ALERRT in the year ahead
An ALERRT Incident Command Textbook Case:  
Program Manager Coby Briehn received an email from a New Hampshire Police Lieutenant who had been through an ERASE Train the Trainer course as well as an ATIRC Course in the last three years, both funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Briehn said, "He used a lot of what he learned in both courses, and shared his experience with us."
Lebanon  (NH) Police Department received several calls of a shooting on the 3rd floor of the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital.  All hands responded.  Detective  Lt. Richard Smolenski was out in an unmarked and responded, arriving 2nd on scene, with two other detectives and an officer from Hanover.  Enroute,  he requested 2 Hanover officers to block the vehicle exits.  When they arrived, all they knew was that a male had entered a room, fired several rounds from a handgun, put the gun in a bag and walked out. 
Officers arrived from LPD and surrounding agencies and began to self-deploy.   Smolenski assigned two officers to secure the crime scene and provide security.  Almost immediately, they received a duress alarm several floors below.  He and two other officer formed three man element and moved to the 1 East in the patient towers.  It was determined to be a false alarm, one of many we’d get, so he moved to the closest exit, the North Entrance.
When he came out,  multiple LE officers were all right in front of the entrance doors.  Officers were still self-deploying all over and radio traffic was chaos. Smolenski took Tactical Command by whistling very loudly and announcing he had Tactical Command.  He told everyone to push back to the farthest lot and then radioed dispatch that he had command, and to have all units respond to the North Entrance to Stage.  Ashe  moved back to establish the command post, several State Police units came in and blocked us from moving back all the way.  We ended up establishing command in the first lot, which in retrospect was still closer than I would have liked.   
 They immediately set up an 8 person Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to respond to any threats and  immediately began taking random hostage calls that were repeated communications from the initial incident but that we still had to chase down.  I think we chased at least 4 of these.  I ended up setting up 3 QRF’s and sending them out on various tasks.  Early on, he sent 1 QRF with the head of security to grab paper maps of the campusand tasked an 8 man element to secure the Emergency Department in case we had to move casualties to be treated.
As resources mounted, Smolenski charged one officer with keeping notes on who was assigned to which task force and  had another officer tasked with researching the suspect. Security had provided a  name and date of birth so they could seek out his address and a likely vehicle.   NH State Police Major and Capt were called upon to section the hospital and assigning teams to clear it.  The hospital emergency manager linked up with the Fire Chief to identify any ongoing medical issues in case they had to escort staff from one area to another. Another LPD Lieutenant was charged with monitoring the vehicle check points to ensure they had all the updated suspect info.   The Chiefs, the NHSP Colonial and the Attorney General left the scene and went to the PD to start dealing with the media.
Little more than one hour after the original call,  Lt. Isham of LPD radioed that they had the suspect in custody.  His vehicle had been spotted in traffic and he was taken down at gunpoint.  He was compliant.  His car was seized and later searched and the handgun he used was found in the car.
At this point it appeared to be a predetermined act on the suspect's mother. Later he confessed that he had been abused by her for years.   Search teams had been deployed by this point so they continued to clear just to confirm there were no IED’s, casualties or other concerns.  Ultimately,  upwards of 34 teams cleare tdhe building and surrounding areas.  Within four hours, they finished clearing the building and transferred command back to hospital staff.
Smolenski says, "Ultimately this was not an active shooter event.  However, with the information we had at the time we had to deal with it like an active shooter and I’m glad we did.  I’m counting about 150 officers from about 20 agencies that responded, including a number of plain clothes officers and undercover, ATF, Drug Task Force types."  

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Download ADD Flyer here:

In the aftermath of recent active attacks, a record number of Civilian Response to Active Shooter classes have been held across the nation. We have received many calls for a flyer that can be printed and distributed to participants.  Click here to download flyer.
ALERRT Training Division reorganizes to better serve agencies and regions across the nation
 The ALERRT training division is reorganizing  to be even more responsive to our customers.  Formerly,  when an agency representative or regional coordinator contacted ALERRT to request a particular course, he or she would have spoken to a Program Manager who was a Subject Matter Expert  (SME) for that specific course. The SME Program Manager would guide the potential host through the process and ultimately the class would be scheduled and conducted.
When that agency or area coordinator wanted to discuss or arrange for additional, different ALERRT courses, they had to begin separate discussions with different Program Managers. We didn't think that was ideal.  As a result, ALERRT is moving to a Regional Manager concept beginning this month.
Regional Program Managers and Program Coordinators have been assigned to four regions of the nation, as illustrated on the above map. Coby Briehn  will be assisted by Tonya Green in the Northeast; Sam Stock will be assisted by Allison Ferry in the Southeast;  Marty Adcock will be assisted by Meghan Chaney in the Midwest; and Armando Ramirez will be assisted by Erin Etheridge in Texas, the West, Alaska and Hawaii.  Russ Clagett is now the Senior Program Manager and Emily Smith is the Senior Program Coordinator.
The Regional Program Manager is now able to discuss and plan any ALERRT course training taking place in his assigned region of the country. Customers now have one-stop contacts, points of information, and action. This is a much more efficient concept and will allow for stronger relationships between ALERRT and our customers across the United States.
Now, when you complete the online hosting request, your form is directed to the appropriate progam manager/coordinator to better and more quickly serve your entire region.

April 12-13, 2018 - Limited Space in
Level I Class at ALERRT Facility

If you are in the Texas region and are interested in attending a Basic Level I Class at our ALERRT facility in San Marcos, please CLICK HERE. 
For more information, contact Erin Etheridge
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