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A letter from the Director of CARE
A letter from the Director of CARE
Tufts Student Life
JULY 2018
Alexandra Donovan, Director, CARE
Alexandra Donovan, Director, CARE
Dear Parents and Families,
I hope this finds you well and enjoying your summer. If you are the parent or family member of an incoming student – welcome to the Tufts community! My colleagues and I are so excited to meet you and your student this fall.
My role at Tufts is Director of the Center for Awareness, Resources and Education (CARE). CARE’s mission has three main components: 1) to provide education and outreach related to sexual misconduct prevention, 2) to offer confidential support to students with questions or concerns about sexual misconduct or sexual health, and 3) to facilitate accommodations and other forms of support. We have 2 full-time, confidential staff members in the CARE office who provide services and resources. We also have 4 student coordinators and approximately 35 other students who work with us on a variety of programs and initiatives. Our professional staff and student leaders work closely with many different departments across campus to help make Tufts a safe, healthy, and engaging place to learn and grow. 
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Career Corner: Conversations with the Tufts Career Center

Supporting Your Student’s Networking Efforts

Networking is often wrongly defined as knowing the right people, working a room, or more aggressively, asking people for jobs. Its simplicity -- one person needing info and the other offering it -- can be lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, you can get back to the basics and help your student grow their personal network by being prepared to answer common questions.
Whether it’s a family member, colleague, friend or neighbor, you’re bound to receive inquires about your student’s career interests: What’s Mario’s major? What’s Samir doing this summer? What’s Charlotte doing after she graduates? To gather content for your answers, spend time chatting with your student about favorite courses, activities, and related experiences. 
When talking with others, keep things upbeat. (“Explore” is a great verb for this purpose!) Mario is exploring majors related to his interest in education policy. Charlotte is exploring career options in renewable energy. The information you share may elicit a useful tip -- whether a referral (perhaps an alumn in the Tufts Career Network on LinkedIn), another helpful resource, or otherwise -- that you can pass along to your student.
7 Networking Myths … BUSTED
Networking Resources from the Career Center

Reminder: Optional Tuition Insurance for 2018-19

Tuition Insurance is meant to safeguard your financial commitment should an unexpected health concern necessitate that your Tufts student take a medical leave of absence this year. Every year, college students around the country navigate many physical or mental health challenges, and some students unexpectedly take time away from their studies in the form of a medical leaveThe University provides a graded tuition refund for all medical leaves taken at the beginning of each semester. Beyond the first six weeks of each term, a student who takes a medical leave without insurance forfeits a substantial portion – or the entirety – of the payments made toward that semester’s tuition.
Tufts is pleased to advise you of the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. The annual premiums covering both the Fall 2018 and the Spring 2019 semesters are
  • $488 covering tuition, room and board
  • $386 covering tuition only
You can find more information about coverage online. For cost and enrollment information, view the application.
The TRP works in concert with the Tufts University refund policy as published in the University Bulletin and website. Subscribers are eligible for a 75% refund of insured fees throughout the term even though the University refund schedule may have expired at the time of withdrawal. For withdrawals occurring during the first six weeks of the semester, the TRP benefits are coordinated with and reduced by the University's refund policy.
Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is entirely optional, but we strongly encourage you to consider enrolling. The Advising Deans  support Tuition Insurance and understand how big an impact health concerns have on academic performance.
If you wish to enroll online, please submit the application and payment by the first day of classes, September 3, 2018. Applications cannot be accepted after that date. Questions can be directed to Dewar at 617-774-1555.

Reminder: 2018-19 Health Insurance Waiver

The Health Insurance Waiver for the 2018-19 academic year is now available in SIS
All Tufts students are required to have health insurance (it’s a Massachusetts state law). Accordingly, all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled half time or more are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Insurance plan at Tufts. If, however, your student is covered by a separate policy through a U.S.-based insurance company that is comparable to the Student Health Insurance plan, they have the option of waiving their Student Health Insurance plan.
The waiver process is required every year a student is enrolled at Tufts. If your student is covered by a separate health insurance policy for 2018-19 and would like to waive the Student Health Insurance plan, they can do so between June 1 and July 31:

How to Waive the Student Health Insurance Plan

  1. Have your student visit their SIS account.
  2. Have your student click on the Bills & Balances tab to access the Health Insurance Waiver.

Complete the Health Insurance Waiver on Behalf of Your Student

If you would like to complete the Health Insurance Waiver on your student's behalf, they will need to provide you with "invited viewer" access to their SIS account. For more information about this process, please visit the Registrar's Invited Viewer Access webpage.
For questions and additional information about health insurance, please contact:

Dates to Remember

August 10 - Second Summer Session Ends

August 24 - Fall 2018 registration closes for continuing students

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