Jan. 30 is the Deadline for Scanning
Jan. 30 is the Deadline for Scanning
AMC 8 Scan Week: Tips for Uploading Your Answer Sheets

Congratulations on Administering the AMC 8!

There are five days left in the Competition Week, but if you've already finished, please read the following information.

If you used the digital format, no further action is required. You will be able to view your students' scores beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

If you used Print & Scan Administration, it's time to scan in your student's Answer Sheets, if you haven't done so already! The scanning deadline is Monday, Jan. 30

Below you'll find tips to streamline the process.
Step 1: Scan Your Answer Sheets
Please make sure you're scanning the document in at least 300 dpi as a PDF, JPG, or black and white TIF file. (The TIF or TIFF must be in black and white rather than color or grayscale, but this restriction doesn't apply to PDF or JPG). Please also scan in 8.5 x 11” page size.

Not scanning in this format could make the scanned files illegible and result in scoring delays.

We recommend that you feed all of your Answer Sheets together through the scanner so that it becomes one file to upload. However, you can also individually scan each Answer Sheet and upload them in a ZIP file. 

Other tips for a clean scan:

1) Make sure you can see both barcodes and the squares in each of the four corners. These should not appear slanted or partially cut off. Our system reads the barcodes and corner blocks in order to file the sheet with the correct student.
Screenshot of corner blocks and barcodes to include on student Answer sheet scans
2) Bubbles need to be fully filled in - please complete the bubbles if your students did not do so, to ensure legibility in our system.
Step 2: Upload Your Answer Sheets
Once you've scanned the Answer Sheets, please check the clarity of the files. Open your Competition Administration Portal to upload them. If you administered the AMC 10/12, please use the drop-down list at the top to ensure you are in the correct competition (AMC 8) before proceeding.
Screenshot of the Competition drop-down list in Competition Administration Portal
Click on “Upload Answer Sheets” in the right column. Click on “Choose Files” and select the bulk file or ZIP file of individual scans from the pop-up file explorer window. Click “Open” in the lower right-hand corner of the pop-up screen.
Screenshot of opening file to upload
Then click the “Upload” button. 
Screenshot of Upload Button on Upload Answer Sheets page
You'll be taken to a screen that asks you to review your scans for quality before submitting them. This screen will also inform you if the file format is invalid.
Screenshot of upload image verifier
Please re-scan and re-upload if the images do not look clear and legible. If they are fine, click the submit button on the top left.
Step 3: Check Your Uploads
You can see your uploads on the "Upload History" page, which is on the right side of your Competition Administration Portal below “Upload Answer Sheets.” Click on the “View” link at the end of each row to see the scan. 
Screenshot of Upload History Page showing blank student name and view link
If a student’s name and ID are not visible in the row, as in the highlighted row in the screenshot above, then it means that your student's answer sheet is being held for review. Once the student's answers have been manually validated and approved, they will appear in your portal. This is likely to occur if the quality is poor. If possible, please re-scan and re-upload your student's Answer Sheet. 

Please note that if you accidentally uploaded the same file twice, our system can handle the duplicate files. It will keep the most recent file. You do not need to delete the duplicate.

If all of your students’ Answer Sheets are showing up in your Upload History with their names and IDs and look clear, you're good to go! 

Beginning on Jan. 24, your student scores should be available after you have scanned the competitions unless they have been flagged for manual review. However, please note that these scores will be preliminary; all scans will be validated manually twice and updated as needed to correct any scan reading errors. We will let you know when the scores are finalized.

Please note that during this first cycle, we will not release scores directly to students, only to Competition Managers. 
Questions? For AMC registration, policy, and payment, contact amcinfo@maa.org or 800-527-3690. For technical issues, contact amctech@maa.org.
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