deep, green, resinous bouquet with delicate fruity-spicy undertone
deep, green, resinous bouquet with delicate fruity-spicy undertone
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August 01, 2015
White Lotus Newsletter
Summer Cornfield at Sunset
How much excited we are, how much recruited, by a great many particular fragrances!
A field of ripening corn, now at night, that has been topped, with the stalks stacked up to dry, — an inexpressibly dry, rich, sweet, ripening scent.  I feel as if I were an ear of ripening corn myself.  Is not the whole air then a compound of such odors undistinguishable?  Drying corn-stalks in a field; what an herb-garden!  -- Henry David Thoreau
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Percentage of Botanical Required to make 1 kilo of Absolute, Essential Oil, etc

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Charming "Sweet Annie"
Artemesia "Sweet Annie" Essential oil
Artemisia annua 
Bulgaria - wild harvest
Refreshing White Grapefruit
White Grapefruit Essential Oil
Citrus paradisii
South Africa - conventional
Spicy Cinnamon Bark
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
Cinnamomum burmanii
Indonesia - organic
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Resinous White Cedar Absolute
White Cedar Absolute
Thuja occidentalis
Canada - wild harvest

Displays a deep, green, slightly punguent, yet sweet resinous bouquet with a fine coumarinic, delicate fruity-spicy undertone of fine tenacity.
Used in natural perfumery for incense perfumes, amber notes, forest bouquets, holiday bouquets, sacred perfumes and colognes. Excellent fixative qualities.   

Balsamic Opoponax Absolute
Opoponax Absolute in 50% ethanol
Commiphora guidotti
Ethiopia - wild harvest
Elegant, mellow, sweet, rich, resinous, balsamic bouquet with a delicate, warm, animalic-spicy undertone.
Used in natural perfumery for amber bases, musk accords, fougere, chypre, Oriental bases, leather notes, incense bouquets, sacred perfumes.

Exotic Orange Blossom Absolute
Orange Blossom Absolute
Citrus aurantium var. amara
Morocco - conventional

Heavy, warm, intensely sweet, exotic floral bouquet with animalic, tea-like undertone.
Used in natural perfumery for high class florals, Oriental bouquets, colognes, fougere, sacred perfumes, amber bases.

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