Member Memo - April 7, 2020

Maybe not HAPPY Easter, but make the best of it :-)
I spent a day making all of my kids fabric face masks for Easter.  I certainly never saw that day coming!  It requires more  #SipSonoma
Just a reminder, our office is CLOSED until further notice.
Debbie is not working and will not be responding to any emails until the office is back up and going. I pop into the office once a week and then work from home as needed. I may not respond to you immediately, but I will get back to you. I will continue to respond to all customers, mail maps (yes, people keep requetsing them) last week I sent out the newsletter as usual, Mysty continues to manage social media. We are making every effort to stay connected with our visitors and fans from actross the country. We are now recording and posting our podcast weekly and the downloads have doubled since the shelter in place began. We are seeing about 2000 downloads per show.  #SipSonoma

Virtual Tastings and Wine Specials...

Please continue to add this information in our Event Calendar online at will continue to share that link with Sonoma County Tourism, Vintners and on social.
Wine Specials, Shjpping Offers AND Virtual Tastings can all be listed there under Events.
We have added a banner on the VERY top of our website to promote these events, we have added a link to the BIG Event Listing on the home page. 
We have also shared this link via a press release. The more listings, the more likely press will use it.

Content for Podcast - send me a note...

We are posting a new podcast every week, but we need content. We want to tell listeners what's happening at the wineries. What are you working on, what's happening in the vineyard? Shoot me an email with some specific details and I will talk about it - mention you and your winery, encourage listeners to check out your website etc. Help us - help you.

#SipSonoma $5 Shipping

We continue to encourage folks to order wine. We're promoting a $5 shipping offer, using the promo code SipSonoma, through April 30.
We are also asking folks to share photos of their Sonoma County wines, while they're at home..sipping Sonoma.  This offer was just promoted to 25,000 SF Gate subscribers and it was included in our newsletter last week. 
You can share the link to the webpage AND the video

FYI - visitors/customers are at home, reading our newsetter...

From our recent April email blast, these are the clicks:
SipSonoma link -  470 clicks
Online Recipes link - 903 clicks (everyone is home cooking!)
Lodging - Buy Now/Stay Later link - 570 clicks
Varietal of the Month, Grenache - 97 clicks
Virtual Tastings + Wine Specials 1213 clicks
Map Requets link - 210 clicks. (planning their trip...)

Recent Press

Our friend Allison Balin included several of our winery members in her recent article in Uptown Phoenix - this is the online version.

Social Media Toolkit for April

We have again created a few Tweets, Facebook and Instagram ideas and links to our blogs for you to share, along with some great photos you can use. Times are crazy, but you want to stay connected to the folks that follow you. Download the toolkit here;  APRIL 2020
We are continuing to support these partners via our social media posts...visitors will be back and when they do come back, we hope they connect with our partners.
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