Check out what we have been up to....
Check out what we have been up to....

June 12

Board Retreat

The Board of Directors spent the day evaluating current programs and imagining new ways to drive interest and traffic to our member wineries and lodgings.
Sandra Hess served as our moderator to help us navigate our way through uncharted territory: Brand Ambassadors, Member Outreach and a more Enhanced Digital Presence. 

June 14

Eventbrite Partnership

Debbie & Beth were able to meet with our Eventbrite account representatives to learn about new services they are offering.
We are now selling our Tasting Pass via Facebook..with a 1-click purchase. Additionally, we are now able to sell Wine Road gift certificates via Eventbrite.
Both options are new.

June 21

Bit by a Fox

Last month Wine Road partnered with the AVAs we represent to bring 13 journalists here for our second annual "Sonoma House".  One of those folks, Prarie Rose, hosts a podcast called "Bit by a Fox". Beth was able to be a guest on her show and talk...all things Sonoma. 

June 27

Brand Ambassadors
We have so many faithful Wine Road supporters both locally and abroad. We are now working to create a formal Wine Road Ambassador program to reward those customers who share our news, attend our events, thus supporting our members.
We hope to kick things off prior to the launch of this fall.

June 28
Wine & Food Affair...

all set

We have made a huge effort to "level-up" our marketing plans and what our members will be showcasing for Wine & Food Affair. Our sign-ups are complete, recipes are uploaded and being edited, our promotional material is being designed and NOW we're in the process of gathering "stories" to tell, leading up to this year's event.  


Press Tours

Mysty Stewart our Public Relations manager has been busy this month, hosting 2 journalists (3-4 days with each person). They were able to stay with 3 of our lodging members, and they visiting 19 winery members. We will share links when the stories are published. She also has press scheduled to visit our area in Aug, Sept, and Oct. 
Wine Road provides a variety of ways for visitors to stay connected, along with our social media posts, we also offer these platforms;
Our newsletter My Wine Road was sent June 6th to 52,000 subscribers
Our blog Along the Wine Road posted June 4th
Our podcast Wine Road posted new episodes June 13 & 27
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