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MUDEC Méinden Fall 2019 #14
MUDEC Méinden Fall 2019 #14
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Fall 2019 #14 | November 25, 2019

Giving Thanks
Following MUDEC's Thanksgiving celebration last week, we want to give thanks to the following people who made the evening possible. From decorating the Grand Hall, setting the tables, and cleaning up afterwards, to preparing and serving the fabulous meal for 120 (you read that correctly) people, MUDEC's Starting 5 made it happen.

Joseph Vari
Joseph Vari-Facilities and Infrastructure Manager
Marie Vari
Marie Vari-Residence Assistant Manager
Mena Vari
Mena Urzia-Residence Services
Chef Stephane Romanazzi
Stephane Romanazzi-Chef
Chef's Assistant Nadine Theisen
Nadine Theisen-Kitchen Assistant
Thanksgiving 2019
Grand Hall tables set for Thanksgiving
The Grand Hall before dinner
Grand Hall during dinner
The Grand Hall during dinner
SFC members with University of Luxembourg student guests
SFC members with University of Luxembourg student guests
Students at dinner MUDEC students "a table"
Waht's Up this week


  • MGT 291 Anthony Smith-Meyer and Michael Schweiger Podcast   
  • Spring 2019 MUDEC Student Kevin Hansbauer and Solistes Européens, Luxembourg Orchestra Testimonial 
  • MUDEC Dreams Coming True: Attending a English Premier League Game with Ethan Rude 
  • In the Footsteps of the Greatest Generation-Bastogne + Clervaux
  • Travel Photos (and a misadventure!) 

Professor's Corner: MGT 291 Podcast with Anthony Smith-Meyer and Michael Schweiger 

Michael Schweiger and Anthony Smith-Meyer return with another management podcast in the halls of our very own chateau to discuss how the roles of power, influence and trust are changing in the face of the digital revolution.

Listen Here!
Kevin standing in front of River Siene with eiffel tower in background
Annual Concert Testimonial with Kevin Hansbauer
Every year, MUDEC students attend a yearly concert at the Philharmonie in Luxembourg city to listen to music performed by the Solistes Europeens Luxembourg Orchestra. After each concert, a student's composition from Professor Georges Baches's MUS 189 class is chosen to appear in the program for the public's viewing. This year, Professor Backes has chosen Kevin Hansbauer from the spring class of '19. Read below for a sneak peek of the essay. 

"When is the last time you looked at the inner workings of a clock or at the inside of the screens that dominate our lives? - Something that seems so simple and tangible, is complex and dynamic if looked at closely enough.
For me, assisting at the rehearsal of the “Solistes Européens, Luxembourg” Orchestra on March 17, 2019 gave me this same notion. Music is often taken for granted, and its complexity is often overlooked. With the popularization of steaming and downloading, people see it as mundane, rather than picking it apart and appreciating each individual piece. Being able to witness both the rehearsal and the concert allowed me to gain a better understanding of classical music and the ability to look at music as a dynamic and complex machine.
Prior to the concert, it was amazing to see the tinkering of every individual moving part to increase the efficiency and cohesiveness of the complex machine. As the conductor would change specific notes and dynamics, my appreciation for the completed piece only grew. Just as a programmer makes minor changes in code to improve the computers efficiency, the conductor works with each individual instrument fixing minuet mistakes. It was astonishing to see the violinists practice the movement of their bows and to hear the plucking of each string individually
on all of the instruments. Being able to hear the pianist individually without the accompaniment of the orchestra emphasized his talent, as well as emphasized the importance of each musician individually. If I would not have witnessed the rehearsal, I would just have looked at the piece as a whole and not at the individual musicians.

The concert itself was a complete masterpiece. The passion of each musician was
projected through their instruments with the guidance of the conductor. Hearing the piece as a whole, rather than just small exerpts made me realize how immense and impressive the music really was. I realized how dynamic a music piece could be as soon as I would recognize sections that the conductor had changed and practiced at the rehearsal. The one part in particular I could notice the most progression in was when it was only the piano and the timpani playing together in Beethoven’s piano concerto. Originally, it sounded very off-beat and almost sloppy. It caugh me off guard because it stuck out the most within the movement. However, in the concert it was pristine and flawless and it was a unique opportunity to see this kind of change in such a professional group of musicians.

Overall, getting to see the orchestra both practice and perform was eye opening and
increased my appreciation for classical music. Although technology may be the downfall of musicthey are much the same; dynamic, complex, and underappreciated. While I sometimes look at music as customary, I have learned to look further into the inner workings of each piece, and appreciate the sheer talent required to make such a masterpiece. We may not take apart our computers to see how they work or remove the face of our watch, however, it is important to remember that these things took years of development, and really are a spectacle of human achievement. I now know music is the same, and that is why I appreciated this wonderful musical experience."

- Kevin HANSBAUER (Spring 2019)

MUDEC Dreams Coming True: Attending an English Premier League Game
by Ethan Rude 
This past weekend I got to attend the Arsenal vs Southampton match at the Emirates Stadium in Camden Town, England. This was the highest priority of events for me to complete while studying through the MUDEC program.
Finding tickets to this match was not even the slightest bit easy. I started contacting the Arsenal box office in early June, attempting to purchase a ticket. To obtain a Premier League ticket you must complete the following: Become a club member by paying a fee, then wait for the match tickets to be announced, add yourself to the ticket waitlist, then hope to be selected for the match you chose. These selections go off of how long you have been a member of the club. My chances looked very slim to get a ticket.
Leading up to this past weekend I reached out to the box office again for about the 15th time in hopes they could provide some help in me getting this ticket. Their response was very short, “Check the box office when you arrive.” On Saturday, I made it a point to be at the stadium approximately 3 hours before kick-off to check the box office. As soon as I got off at the Arsenal stop on the Tube, I walked straight to the box office. When I got there and asked availability for the game the gentleman at the desk had me wait 5 minutes as he continued to play on his computer. After what felt like half an hour, he tells me he has 1 ticket left in the Club Level. Without hesitation I said, “I’ll take it.”
Attending an Arsenal match has always been a dream of mine and I was extremely lucky to end up where I did. The Club Level is where loyal season ticket owners are placed, it has 6 restaurants, one being a 5 star and exclusive access to the Arsenal Club Lounge. This is by far my favorite experience in Europe, the atmosphere was unlike any American sporting event and I would highly recommend attending an English Premier League to everyone studying at MUDEC. 
Ethan Rude at Arsenal Game English Premier League Arsenal Game

In the Footsteps of the Greatest Generation

Discovery Tour

Students at the Mardasson Memorial
Students at the Mardasson Memorial
Foxholes from the Band of Brothers near Bastogne
Foxholes from the Band of Brothers near Bastogne
Students in front of the marker of the original US Cemetery
Students in front of the marker of the original US Cemetery

Clervaux and Thanksgiving 1944

Students in front of the Family of Man exhibition in Clervaux
Students in front of the Family of Man exhibition in Clervaux
Students in a 1944-era jeep
Students in a 1944-era jeep
US Ambassador Randy Evans tasting the turkey
US Ambassador Randy Evans tasting the turkey
Student on a vintage motorbike
Student on a vintage motorbike

Independent Travel Photos 

Take a look at where our students journeyed to this weekend!
Four girls with Northern Lights Four Girls in Blue Lagoon
Barcelona, Spain  
Three Girls on Park Guell

Interlaken, Switzerland

Five girls with switzerland in background
Odds and Ends

~Birthdays This Week~ 

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to:
Clayton Kohut- Nov 25th
Brie Adelstein- Nov 27th
We wish you the best birthday yet! Cheers to another wonderful year! 
This Week's Schedule

Monday: Classes

20:00 Solistes Européens Concert at the Philharmonie (buses leave at 18:45)
Tuesday: Classes
Wednesday: Classes
Thursday: No Classes-Thanksgiving Break
Friday: No Classes-Thanksgiving Break

Staff Absences: Stephen Romanazzi, Thierry Leterre (Thursday-Friday)

Château & Administrative Hours

Château Hours

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