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Community Development eNews, May 20, 2020

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Consolidated Request for Proposals Reminders
The Single Family Consolidated Request for Proposals (RFP) was launched on April 2nd and provides funding for single family, owner-occupied affordable housing activities throughout the state. The application deadline is July 16, 2020. Application materials and information about the Single Family RFP can be found on the Impact Fund web page.
Single Family Request for Proposals (Single Family RFP) Technical Assistance Recorded Webinars

If you are applying for the 2020 Single Family RFP, please review the following recorded webinars that will be helpful as you complete your Single Family RFP applications.
Webinar: Single Family Request for Proposals (Single Family RFP) Technical Assistance

Minnesota Housing has posted a recorded Single Family RFP technical assistance webinar on the Impact Fund web page. The webinar explains the 2020 Single Family RFP process and includes application tips, how proposals will be scored, and timelines.

Click below to view the webinar or find it on the Impact Fund web page
Webinar: Single Family RFP Visitability and Prevailing Wage for New Construction Proposals

If you are planning to apply for a New Construction project through the 2020 Single Family RFP, please review this webinar. Minnesota Housing staff provides information and guidelines about visitability and prevailing wage, including best practices for incorporating visitability. Visitability and prevailing wage apply only to new construction projects.

NOTE: Visitability and prevailing wage do not apply to affordability gap, owner-occupied rehabilitation, or acquisition, rehabilitation, resale activities. If you are applying only for these activities, it is not necessary for you to view this webinar.

Click below to view the webinar or find it on the Impact Fund web page

Funding Partners

You can find information about our funding partners, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and Metropolitan Council on the Impact Fund web page, under the Impact Fund training section.

Single Family RFP Technical Assistance

Technical assistance opportunities regarding the Single Family RFP are available to applicants. Please contact the Impact Fund team at Impact.Fund.MHFA@state.mn.us to request technical assistance for your proposal.
2020 Single Family RFP Reminder

The 2020 Single Family RFP application deadline is Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. Applicants must submit both one hard copy and an electronic copy of the completed Single Family RFP application materials, including all required documentation to Minnesota Housing by the application deadline. Submittals that are late or substantially incomplete will not be accepted. 

Review the Single Family RFP Application Guide and Instructions for more information about the Single Family RFP and submitting applications.

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