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Over the last several months, we have examined our recommendation for schools and districts to take the Staff-Assessment Survey (SAS) and Wisconsin All Staff Perception Survey as part of annually assessing their equitable, multi-level system of supports.

After reviewing guidance from the Center on PBIS, internal data, information from districts/schools, and our Wisconsin RtI Center staff, we are making a change.
Schools will no longer be asked to complete the SAS or Wisconsin All Staff Perception Survey as part of their annual system assessment calendar.
Can a school still take the SAS and All Staff? The SAS is available on PBISapps. The All-Staff assessment and data are available until June 30, 2021.   

How does this effective the Wisconsin RtI Center Recognized Schools Program? The SAS and All Staff will be removed from Recognized Schools requirements. We are in the process of updating our materials and website to reflect this change.
Thank you for your dedication to our Wisconsin students, 
Kathy Ryder—director
Tonja Gallagher—assistant director
Jill Sharp—assistant director
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Our Mission

To build the capacity of Wisconsin schools to develop and sustain an equitable, multi-level system of supports to ensure the success for all students.
The Wisconsin RtI Center/Wisconsin PBIS Network (CFDA #84.027) acknowledges the support of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in the development of this email and for the continued support of this federally-funded grant program. There are no copyright restrictions on these documents; however, please credit the Wisconsin DPI and support of federal funds when copying all or part of this material.
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