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Take a look at what we acomplished in 2016.
Take a look at what we acomplished in 2016.

A message from our Executive Director

Friends and Supporters,
2016 was a year of transition for Free Geek. With the help of our Board, the organization made its final step in our reorganization by becoming an Executive-led organization; I joined Free Geek in August as the inaugural Executive Director. Even with these fundamental changes, we kept our stride: ending the year with increased production of refurbished devices for our grant and volunteer programs, and doing so with a balanced budget.
Looking forward, Free Geek is reaching out into the community and connecting with our various partners. We are seeking opportunities with other impact organizations and those in the business community to extend our mission even further to all of Portland. We are extending our educational offerings and expanding the devices we are able to reuse.
Today, I want to thank all of you, our community, friends, and supporters, for all you do for us and with us. It's your generous giving of your time, technology, and money that powers our mission and empowers us to do more and do it well. We are all excited for what 2017 will hold!

Dan Bartholomew
Free Geek Executive Director

Last year at Free Geek... by the numbers

Every Monday through Saturday, our community pours its heart into Free Geek's mission work, and the results speak to the commitment of our volunteers, staff, and board. Here are a few highlights from 2016's accomplishments.
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