Student Services Newsletter: Creating Opportunity, Cultivating Success at Alder GSE
Second Quarterly Release | November 2020

Dear Alder Resident,
As we welcome November during a time where so much hope is needed, we understand that a lot is going on in the residency, community, and nation. Navigating the program through a pandemic is no easy task and we understand you are being pulled in so many directions. We also know the incredible impact you are having on your students, and the progress you are making toward your goal of becoming a great, equitable and inclusive teacher. The second quarterly Student Services newsletter seeks to provide some key highlights regarding initiatives and supports from the team.
The following highlights, reminders, and updates aim to provide access to information related to Alder GSE. 
Please reach out to studentservices@aldergse.edu with any questions. 
Student Services Highlights
Wellness Workshop Series- As we think about developing supports to help you navigate the residency, we are hoping to start workshops focused on wellness and sustainability. Please complete this quick 3 minute survey to help us coordinate which workshops might be helpful to you.
Election 2020- So much is on the ballot this November 3, including things that we hold dear and affect us directly. We know not everyone, sadly, might have the right to vote, but we deeply encourage you to vote if you have that right. This non-partisan guide and slideshow (created by USC MPP Student, David Angel)  highlights the proposals for this election season and links to assist you with the nearest polling place, drop-off completed, and status of ballot (if it has been mailed). Additionally, we recognize this election can cause anxiety and distress Below are county resources that can provide support for mental well-being and other services to assist you during this time: Bay Area counties, Central Valley counties, Monterey Peninsula, and Los Angeles counties. As always, do not hesitate to send us a message at studentservices@aldergse.edu if you want to connect 1:1. 
Compelling Need Scholarships- We understand that unexpected things can happen and the pandemic can only surmount the impact. At Alder, we are committed to supporting you to successfully complete the program. We recently established an emergency-based fund thanks to a generous donor. To learn more about the Compelling Need scholarships and how to apply, please click here. Note that this is meant to support residents who are experiencing need based on an unexpected circumstance, and the amounts, due to limited resources, will range from $250-$750. 


"Making the Residency Work" Regional Resource Guides
The Student Services Team has developed regional Making It Work resources that are supportive, aid in financial and mental health wellbeing, are available in your local community, and focus on ensuring capacity to make the residency work. Access the resources by region below:
Friendly Reminders
Action Items
  • Residency Referral- Know of someone interested in the Teacher Residency program? Please refer them for a chance to win a $250 gift card. Applications are due Monday, November 9th! Submit this form to be considered. The referral form is specifically for residents, and you will have multiple opportunities to win! We deeply appreciate your time and help in referring someone to join the Alder family! 
  • Alder Resident Financials Survey- As part of our mid-year check-in, we are hoping to receive responses to help us better understand the financial realities of the residency for students. In addition, there will be an opportunity to provide input around support from the Student Services team. 

  • We know how busy the residency year can be, so we hope you will check out the EAP resources offered to all our residents. The supports they offer include counseling services, work/life referrals, and financial/legal advice.
  • Please continue to access resources through the aldergse.edu/studentservices page on the Alder GSE website. We will continue to ensure that it’s updated with the most recent resources and supports.

Wellness Corner: Promoting wellness through healthy lifestyles and support services.
Need non-emergency referrals for community resources around wellness and mental health? If you want to talk through concerns or worries, please call the CA Warm Line at 1-855-845-7415 for assistance!
Need some advice or ideas on recharging your battery? This article provides activities to promote self-care during these extraordinary times. 

Thrive and Succeed -

Words From Those that Came Before You

"Wow. During this time of year, I remember being in the midst of EdTPA, completing a research project for one of the courses, and STILL needing to pass the RICA! I was dealing with so much procrastination when it came to EdTPA and coursework. I taught A LOT in the classroom and my students always came before any coursework/studying however, I learned that if I really wanted to be their teacher I needed to prioritize the workload in front of me. This meant speaking up for what I needed. Luckily I had a very dedicated and encouraging Director that provided the warm demander I needed to get things done. By advocating for what I needed, my director was able to help me create a plan, create a space and time in which to complete the work. She regularly did check-ins about the progress of how much work I completed. My cohort was also very encouraging and checked in on me or provided resources that were helpful to them that might be helpful to me. I really leaned on them when I became overwhelmed and because we were all in the same boat we were able to understand each other and encourage one another. Like Dory says: just keep on swimming. It seems like it will never get done, but trust yourself, ask for what you need, and get it done." - Frania Ramos-Arce, Aspire Public Schools, 2018-2019 Cohort
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