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Nativity of Our Lord School is a community of parents, teachers, staff, and parishioners committed to helping each student grow into the person God has called them to be through faith, academics, and character development.
Good Afternoon Nativity Families,
We hope everyone was able to get outside this past weekend and enjoy the lovely fall weather.  It looks like we will have a wonderful weather week this week too! 
As we continue to learn more about COVID, MDH continues to keep us updated on protocals for schools to follow to keep our community healthy.  In previous communications, we had shared that if anyone in the household is getting tested, all family members need to stay home until the results are known.  A new document has been updated to clarify this further.  Now it states that if anyone in the household is getting tested due to a person in the household showing symptoms, then all family members need to stay home and quarantine and isolate from the symptomatic person until the test results come back.  If a negative test result comes back for the person with symptoms, then the others in the house may return to normal activities.  However, if a person in the house is getting tested due to an exposure outside the home, and the household member is NOT exhibiting any symptoms since the exposure (is asymptomatic), then the rest of the children in the household do NOT need to stay home until the results are back.  Please note: a direct exposure will always result in a 14 day quarantine for the household member that was directly exposed, no matter the test results.  Please click here to review the Exclusion clarification (page 1) and the quarantine/isolation information (page 4) provided to us by MDH. Please never hesitate to reach out to school if you have any questions about whether or not to keep your children home from school. 
We are finding that families have struggled what isolation means within their home. Please see page 4 for further information.

  • Phase Two of Learning - October 19, 2020 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day:
    Please click here to view the Phase 2 - Parent Communication that was emailed last Friday.

  • Picture Day:
    Today, Monday, October 5 and tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6 will be pictures days.  Please click here for the email regarding the list identifying which day the students may be out-of-uniform for their pictures and how to place an order.

  • Hot Lunch Menu:
    Please click here for the October hot lunch menu.

• Dr. Jules Nolan - mental health and wellness October sessions:
As parents, we want to make certain that our kids have all of the tools they need to become strong, resilient adults. However, some common parenting strategies can accidentally hinder our children’s’ developing some critical skills. This session will focus on parenting strategies that build student resilience from a biological and behavioral perspective.  
Click here for more information and to register.
  • St. Vincent de Paul Clothing and Household Items Collection:
    Please bring your gently used clothing (all seasons) and household items – such as dishes, pots and pans, and small appliances. The most urgently needed items are blankets and winter coats. The collection will be Saturday, October 24 from 9:00 A.M. to Noon in the Nativity School parking lot.  For more information please click here.

  • American Red Cross Blood Drive:
    The American Red Cross Bus will be at Nativity on Thursday, October 29.  Please click here for more information.
Monday & Tuesday, October 5th & 6th
  • Picture Days - for more information please click here
Wednesday - Friday, October 14th-16th
  • Teacher In-Service and Fall Break - NO SCHOOL
Saturday, October 24th
  • St. Vincent de Paul Clothing and Household Collection
Thursday, October 29th
  • American Red Cross Blood Drive
Tuesday, November 3rd
  • Teacher In-Service - NO SCHOOL
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