WEAvings Spring Newsletter
WEAvings Spring Newsletter
Women's Earth Alliance
Dear Friends,

As the northern hemisphere welcomes the vibrant renewal of spring, it’s a reminder of the boundless potential that lies within the seeds we sow—both literal and metaphorical. With each seed planted, we foster the growth of something magnificent, echoing our own efforts to create change across the globe.

This Earth Day, we reflect on the urgent and ongoing work for climate justice—a cause that stands as the greatest challenge of our time. The recent synthesis of findings by the IPCC is unequivocal: act now or face irreversible damage. This decade is pivotal; we have less than six years to meet critical targets under the Paris Agreement to keep temperature rise under 1.5°C. The evidence is clear that women, disproportionately affected by climate crises, are indispensable to driving the necessary change.

In our work at Women’s Earth Alliance, we’ve seen the transformative power of women’s leadership in addressing the climate crisis. Below you will read about our growing work around the world, from the U.S. to Mexico to Kenya and beyond—where grassroots women leaders are bringing their insights, resolve, and practical solutions.

Our partnerships amplify this mission. Together with groups like L'Oréal Paris, which has committed millions to accelerate women-led environmental projects, we’re bridging critical resource gaps and enhancing the visibility of grassroots solutions. These efforts bolster our robust network, ensuring that our collective impact extends across tens of thousands of communities worldwide

Yet, individual action remains vital. Each of us holds the power to initiate change. From a mother in Kakamega, Kenya, who starts a nursery that revitalizes the rainforest ecosystem, to women leaders advocating for policy reforms at global conferences, the ripple effects of these actions are profound.

This Earth Day, we invite you to join the Seed Bank—WEA’s community of monthly givers—and step alongside WEA and the 52,000 women leaders in our global alliance who have planted seeds for change and are transforming communities around the world. Together with your steady drumbeat of support, we will continue growing climate solutions that ensure a healthy, just and thriving future.

Let’s celebrate the progress we've made while acknowledging the work that lies ahead. Let’s make climate justice personal. Let’s talk about it, center it in our activism, and integrate it into our community efforts.

Thank you for standing with us in this critical movement. Your action today is the promise of a beautiful tomorrow. 

With gratitude,

Melinda Kramer, Kahea Pacheco and Amira Diamond
WEA Co-Directors

Celebrating Earth Day

Seven ways to take powerful action this Earth Day

Did you know that the Global North is responsible for a staggering 92% of excess global carbon emissions, with the United States and the EU leading the way? Additionally, countries like the United States, Denmark, and New Zealand produce double the waste per capita compared to their counterparts in the Global South. When faced with these hard truths, it’s easy to feel like nothing you do could possibly make a difference.

Yet, every wave starts as a ripple.

In honor of Earth Day, we asked our team to share some simple, everyday actions they take to create ripples of change that—through our collective action—can lead to a wave of transformation. From planting a pollinator garden to swapping out your household products for eco-friendly options, join the WEA wave as we take practical steps toward a more sustainable future. 


Celebrate Earth Day with WEA's Downloadable Toolkit

This Earth Month, amplify women’s environmental and climate leadership: download our social media toolkit for beautiful assets you can use to share your commitment to women and the Earth! Be sure to tag WEA in your posts!
ICYMI: Catch Up on These Recent Events

WEA joins Project Dandelion and other global leaders at Skoll World Forum

This month, WEA joined Project Dandelion in Oxford, UK for the Skoll World Forum, a premiere global gathering of leaders coming together to advance entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world's most pressing problems. In meetings, presentations, and powerful conversations, WEA's Southeast Asia Program Director Irma Sitompul emphasized the need to support Indigenous and local women's leadership and eco-entrepreneurship for climate and community transformation

Thank you to Project Dandelion and our fellow delegates for your wisdom, care, and dedication. And thanks to the Skoll Foundation for recognizing that diverse voices and representation are necessary for bringing forth a compelling vision, creative solutions, and proven approaches to creating urgently needed change in the world. 


WEA’s Alliance hosts global activations for International Women’s Day

On March 8, 2024, WEA Leaders and Partners celebrated International Women’s Day with global activations and united calls for transformation and justice. From gatherings to discussions to marches, the power of women rising from the grassroots could be felt in regions around the world.

In case you missed any of these special IWD events, we’ve gathered them all for you below!
Updates from the Alliance

WEA’s Mexico Program launches!

We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of WEA’s Mexico program

WEA’s  Mexico Program Leads—local women-led organizations and collectives—gathered in Mexico City in March to strategize and launch our coordinated regional work. Program Leads are taking decisive action to address the climate crisis and women’s rights, including: catalyzing eco-entrepreneurship through recycling and mangrove protection, launching earth-based schools, coordinating a network of women fishers and divers protecting marine ecosystems, and more. In the coming years, we’ll co-design and implement powerful initiatives for environmental, social, and economic impact across Mexico.

Read on to get to know all of our Mexico Program Leads, and learn about their visionary work to ensure a just, thriving future for communities and ecosystems across the country and throughout the world.


Reflections from our recent trip to Kenya

Our hearts are full as we reflect on the incredible trip to Western Kenya that we recently returned from. In Kenya and throughout East Africa, WEA Leaders are having a transformative impact on local environments, communities, and economies—dedicating their everyday lives to protecting the Earth and creating a thriving future for generations to come. 

We were thrilled to spend a few days visioning and strategizing with our East Africa Program Leads, and visit with WEA Leaders who have participated in our recent Eco-Entrepreneurship Program in Narok, Kitale, and Kakamega. From planting trees to launching eco-enterprises, WEA women throughout East Africa are not just stopping environmental degradation—but are also building new economies, new leadership, and renewed hope.

Purpose-Driven Partnerships

WEA x Kind Bag Partner for Earth Day!

WEA is delighted to partner with Kind Bag this Earth Day! For today only, Kind Bag is donating all profits from sales made through their website to WEA! Kind Bag is a women-run company dedicated to slow and circular fashion, sustainability, and ethical manufacturing.

If you missed today’s promotion, don’t worry! Kind Bag has also pledged 25% of all web sale profits from their beautiful and fun Retro Flowers Reusable Bag to WEA!  

Shop Kind Bag today.


All Week Long: Your favorite Violette products benefit WEA!

This week, WEA and our 1% for the Planet partner Violette_FR are coming together again in honor of Earth Day to continue supporting WEA Leaders in East Africa. 

Starting today, 1% of sales from Bisou Balm and Boum-Boum Milk products—will go directly to WEA

Shop VIOLETTE_FR today.

WEA’s business partnerships help make our work possible. If you’re a purpose-driven company interested in partnership, reach out to WEA to learn about our Business Partner program. We are also a 1% for the Planet nonprofit member.
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