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March 2021 | Fourth Quarterly Release
Dear Alder Resident,
The Spring semester brings much anticipation and excitement. The Office of Student Services understands you are encountering a multitude of priorities, from interviews, tests, courses, and placement implications. We also know that March provides the opportunity to dive deeper into your practice and actualize your teaching journey.  As you prepare for these next few weeks, we hope you find time to rejuvenate, while also giving you a chance to catch up and breathe, as you embark on the last phase of the residency program. We recognize you are in the midst of edTPA and coursework requirements, so please know the Office of Student Services is here to support you if additional assistance would be helpful. We also understand things continue to be challenging and please know we are here for you! The following highlights, reminders, and updates aim to provide access to information related to Alder GSE. We know things continue to be challenging, and we are here to support you.
The following highlights, reminders, and updates aim to provide access to information related to Alder GSE. 
Please reach out to with any questions. 
Student Services Highlights
Alder Covid-19 Vaccine Guidance- With reopening conversations and vaccine availability, the Alder team has developed a COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance document to help you navigate the vaccination process. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Services for support
Testing Voucher- If you haven’t already, please complete the voucher form to request the testing support that Alder offers to offset some costs. For more information, please contact Jessica Tevis to learn about accessing the voucher at
Goodbye To Our Librarian, Dr. Ray Pun! 
On February 26, we said goodbye to Alder's Librarian, Ray Pun! Since Fall 2018, he enjoyed supporting Alder residents and faculty with their research and writing needs. We are so grateful for the incredible, impactful work he did, particularly in developing the databases and systems we have in place today. Ray’s commitment to equity in the library services has ensured a continuation of student-centered services focused on student success and equitable writing and research support.
For any questions about library/writing resources and services, please email to - this email address will be managed by the student services team and your questions will be directed to appropriate channels.
Virtual Money Smart Week 2021- The series will be held Saturday, April 10- Saturday, April 17. This week-long free virtual campaign aims to help people better manage their personal finances with a focus on those hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Please follow this link to learn more.
"Making the Residency Work" Regional Resource Guides
The Student Services Team has developed regional Making It Work resources that are supportive, aid in financial and mental health wellbeing, are available in your local community, and focus on ensuring capacity to make the residency work. Access the resources by region below:

Research & Writing Supports

For Writing Support- Check out database in the library's page to get 24/7 support with a live writing tutor or for a drop-off essay review! 
Questions about APA citation style? Check out the Excelsior OWL for tips and examples!  
Upcoming tests? Be sure to check out Mometrix and databases in the library's page to prepare for your tests. Good luck!
Friendly Reminders
Residency Referral- The Alder Recruitment Team needs your help identifying the next group of amazing residents (like you!) for our final deadline! If you know someone who wants to become a teacher or someone you want to encourage to become a teacher, we will enter you into a $250 Alder gift card raffle. Alder draws two winners each round and one will always be a current resident! Help us leverage your amazing network to bring more great teachers to the organization! Please submit an Alder GSE Teammate Referral Form by Monday, April 5th. Congratulations to Monica Gonzalez from KIPP SoCal for winning a $250 Amazon E-Gift Card for the first round raffle!
Compelling Need Scholarships- To learn more about the Compelling Need scholarships and how to apply, please click here. Note that this is meant to support residents who are experiencing need based or an unexpected circumstance, and the amounts, due to limited resources, will range from $250-$750. 
EAP Resouces- We know how busy the residency year can be, so we hope you will check out the EAP Resources offered to all our residents. The supports they offer include counseling services, work/life referrals, and financial/legal advice.
Please continue to access resources through the page on the Alder GSE website. We will continue to ensure that it’s updated with the most recent resources and supports.
Tax Information- As we approach the new year, please remember that tax season will be soon approaching. Refer to the 2020-2021 Tax Resources for Alder GSE Residents for the information you need to ensure you are aware of the tax implications for the 2020 year. If you have additional questions regarding your taxes, please reach out to
Looking Ahead to the Preliminary Credential webinar! Keep an eye out for the sign-up coming soon. In the meantime, here is a Preliminary Credential Checklist you can review. All items will be reviewed in detail at the webinar. Mariah Klein is Alder’s Credentials Analyst and always available for questions:
Wellness Corner: Promoting wellness through healthy lifestyles and support services.
Tess- Connect with a chatbot that provides free emotional support and check-ins to boost your wellness. This is a new offering from Claremont (Alder’s benefits provider). Please see here for more details. To start using this resource, text “hi” to Tess and enter “Claremont” as your company name. To get started: 650-825-9634
Headspace for Educators- Long, stressful days happen to everyone. You need time every day to de-stress and decompress. Headspace is here to help! To recognize your important work, Headspace is offering their helpful meditation program to all K-12 educators absolutely free!
Guide to Living Admist Uncertainty- Worry and anxiety are common problems at the best of times, and when it takes over it can become all-encompassing. This free guide is designed to help you to manage your worry and anxiety in these uncertain times. Once you have read the information, feel free to try the exercises if you think they might be helpful to you. It's natural to struggle when times are uncertain, so please remember to offer care and compassion to yourself, and to those around you.

Thrive and Succeed -

Words From Those that Came Before You

"Wow. During this time of year, I remember being in the midst of EdTPA, completing a research project for one of the courses, and STILL needing to pass the RICA! I was dealing with so much procrastination when it came to EdTPA and coursework. I taught A LOT in the classroom and my students always came before any coursework/studying however, I learned that if I really wanted to be their teacher I needed to prioritize the workload in front of me. This meant speaking up for what I needed. Luckily I had a very dedicated and encouraging Director that provided the warm demander I needed to get things done. By advocating for what I needed, my director was able to help me create a plan, create a space and time in which to complete the work. She regularly did check-ins about the progress of how much work I completed. My cohort was also very encouraging and checked in on me or provided resources that were helpful to them that might be helpful to me. I really leaned on them when I became overwhelmed and because we were all in the same boat we were able to understand each other and encourage one another. Like Dory says: just keep on swimming. It seems like it will never get done, but trust yourself, ask for what you need, and get it done." - Frania Ramos-Arce, Aspire Public Schools, 2018-2019 Cohort
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