new LPCP class announced
new LPCP class announced
The Ripple Effect
2019 Winter Newsletter

Looking Back: Our Annual Report 

Last year was a big year for our staff and board. We deepened our community involvement, decided to engage in advocacy alongside our grantees, hosted 10 Healer for the Healer retreats and awarded 82 grants and donations to 79 nonprofits. We submitted a comment on the proposed “public charge” rule and hosted four technical assistance workshops for 87 attendees.  We are grateful to you for every newsletter that you read, workshop you attended, and grant application you submitted.  We wouldn't have met our goals without you and we hope you see your efforts reflected in the pages of our annual report.  
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IRL (In real life): How one CEO practices self-care

If you follow us on social media, you already know that we are huge proponents of practicing self-care (if you don't, start now).  We believe that self-care is important for both individuals and organizational sustainability.  We know that it can be difficult to incorporate a regular self-care practice into our already overscheduled lives and thought it would be nice to hear from a member of our community who is making it work.  Pam Brown, CEO of Insight Counseling Center, graciously agreed to share some of the ways she takes care of herself while running a thriving nonprofit.  
Q: How do you define self-care?

A: I define self-care as developing habits, behaviors, activities, and routines that help me get to and remain in a place of balance and serenity.

Q: What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

A: I love to read. Knitting is a new hobby I picked up about two years ago and it is so relaxing! In fact, I’
ve been known to bring a knitting project into meetings and I find that I focus better when my hands are moving. I suppose it’s similar to the way some people doodle during meetings.

My absolute favorite self-care activity is gardening, particularly in my rose bed. After a long day at the office, I love nothing more than to walk around the rose bed to deadhead spent blooms, cut flowers for arrangements to share, and take pictures to post on Instagram. I recently became a Consulting Rosarian, which means I volunteer to advise people about growing and caring for roses. If anyone reading this wants some assistance, just give me a call!

Q: How can nonprofit staff incorporate self-care into their daily experience?

A: There’s a saying that “simple pleasures are the best.” Self-care is individualized. What appeals to me may not appeal to someone else. I encourage people to create little habits and daily routines that provide them with a sense of joy and peace. For example, I enjoy having a scented candle nearby while working, or running an essential oil diffuser. I also enjoy exercising first thing in the morning. Doing that gets my endorphins hopping and gives me a sense of well-being. I recently completed my 15th half marathon, so that workout time is important! And while I can be hit or miss at this, I continue to build upon a morning prayer and meditation ritual that includes a few minutes of reading scripture and quiet time.
Q: What myth about self-care would you like to bust?

A: That there’s not enough time for self-care. I may only have five minutes, but even that short time of closing my eyes and breathing deeply can make all the difference. I’ve been known to run out to my car and turn on my Calm app for five minutes. Ah…

New year, new books! Check out these books that we are reading.
Q2 2019 Preliminary Applications are due February 26, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.
Q2 2019 Full Proposals and Operating Grant applications are due April 3, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.
New Grantees
Congratulations to the 19 nonprofits that were collectively awarded over $800,000 in our most recent cycle! Recipients of the grants include non-profit organizations from 40 counties in Middle Tennessee that focus on advocacy, physical health, mental health, recovery from alcohol and drug abuse or healing from abuse, neglect, and violence.  This year’s grants bring the collective grant making of The Healing Trust to almost $90 million since 2002.  
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New LPCP Class
The Healing Trust is proud to announce the 2019 cohort of the Leader Peer Circle Program (LPCP)! LPCP is a 12-month program designed to cultivate and grow exceptional non-CEO nonprofit leaders in our community. Participants will learn methods to combat isolation, personal and organizational mission creep, vicarious trauma, burnout, and more. 
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Tools for Legislative Session
The legislative session is in full swing and there are lots of tools available to help you keep track of bills that impact your organization and clients.  
Visit the website for the Tennessee General Assembly.
Watch committee meetings and floor session live here. Recordings are also kept online so if you can’t watch it live, you can always go back and watch it.
Search for bills that may be relevant to your organization here. You can even create a login to track bills and the committee meetings related to those bills. 
Find your legislator here.  It’s helpful to know who your legislators are based on your home and work address.
Learn about legislators, see who is in leadership and who is on what committee here. Please note that this was updated toward the beginning of the session as new members were sworn in, new leadership selected, and committee members changed.
Questions? Let’s Get In Touch! 615.284.8271 |
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