Learn more about our eight Identity-based Centers.
Learn more about our eight Identity-based Centers.
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Meet the Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion
JUne 28, 2022
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Hello Jumbos,
The Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion consists of eight identity-based resource centers, which are integral spaces on our campuses for students to build community and find space to be and be heard. While each center supports specific populations, the centers are for all students interested in thinking about social identities and how they impact our lives and the world. You can read more about each of the eight centers below.

Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion

Africana Center

The Africana Center (TAC) was founded in 1969 to meet the needs and concerns of Tufts students of African descent. The Center supports the academic mission of the University by providing students access to a full range of academic, cultural, and social resources and programs. It provides culturally focused lectures, workshops, concerts, and films that reflect and celebrate the intellectual tradition of Black people in the Diaspora.
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Students at the Africana Center Students at the Asian American Center

Asian American Center

The Asian American Center (AAC) was founded in 1983 as a result of Asian American student activism as a resource for the Asian and Asian American community. It fosters a supportive environment for the holistic development of students through programs and services. The Asian American Center is committed to highlighting the complex histories, cultures, and narratives of the Asian and Asian American community through an intentional intersectional lens.
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FIRST Resource Center

The FIRST Resource Center was founded to create a community of support and to develop a network of resources for Tufts' first-generation, low-income, and undocumented populations. FIRST welcomes any student who self identifies with the first-generation college student experience. By strengthening the bonds between our community members and bridging the gap between Tufts' resources and first-gen students, FIRST aims to ensure that students are empowered and prepared to reach their full social, professional, and academic potentials.
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Group of students wearing yellow FIRST Resource Center shirts Students with the Latinx Center

Tufts Latinx Center

The Tufts Latinx Center is a welcoming community providing a dedicated environment to engage in research, celebration, collaboration, and dialogue to inspire advocacy, retention, appreciation, and social change within the Latinx community. The center offers academic and personal advising, mentorship, and guidance for all students. Founded in October 1993, the Latinx Center is a space and resource for Tufts University students and community members to gather, learn, share experiences, and show support and appreciation of Latinx identities. As one of the Identity-based centers within the Division of Student Diversity and Inclusion, the Latinx Center seeks to provide resources for inclusion, education, academic achievement, and cultural programming in collaboration with students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community at large.
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LGBT Center

Founded in 1992, the LGBT Center offers a space for all students, faculty, and staff to explore their unique relationships to gender and sexuality through personal, political, or academic lenses. The Center provides programming, advising, and social opportunities for queer students and allies and aims to improve the experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people at Tufts, as well as to provide campus-wide education about sexuality and gender.
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LGBT Center Students Women's Center Interns 2018

Women's Center

The Women's Center, founded in 1972, is a space open to all students interested in topics and issues broadly related to the experience of women and gender. We particularly investigate gender at the intersections of other identities such as race, sexuality, socioeconomic status, and citizenship status. While the Women's Center's primary purpose is to serve undergraduate students, we also offer information, events, and resources for graduate students, faculty and staff, alumni, and parents.
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Center for STEM Diversity (CSD)

Established in 2008, Tufts University Center for STEM Diversity intentionally cultivates an equity-minded and justice-oriented community to promote the academic success for those historically excluded in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). We believe an equity-minded community must foster a campus culture and environment that is both inclusive and accessible for students from historically excluded backgrounds; to do so, we actively invite and celebrate the rich culture and ideas that inform their lived experience. In this space, we encourage students to articulate their needs and help us identify how best to meet them where they are.
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Students in periwinkle polo shirts standing in front of Science and Engineering Complex Large group of students standing in a room with white walls and windows

Indigenous Center

The Indigenous Center (IC) is committed to providing a "home away from home" while centering Indigeneity in the Tufts community. The IC serves as a community gathering area for programming, studying, breaks, meetings, and socializing in order to support, encourage, and develop your voice as you navigate your higher education journey. Web page and mailing list coming soon!
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