News and resources for airport employees.
News and resources for airport employees.
Kane Shapiro, in TSA uniform, smiling.
Kane Shapiro Takes Time to Provide Great Service
TSA's Kane Shapiro recently encountered a passenger facing an unforeseen challenge: accessing one set of concourses when he was ticketed to fly out of the other. The construction-related closure of the Concourse Connector can be a surprise to travelers who previously used this path to go between concourses.
Fortunately, Kane was able to offer a solution – use the AtYourGate app to get the items delivered.
Recognizing that the passenger had a visual impairment, Kane took the time to offer additional assistance with the app. Being respectful – a core value for PDX People – means acknowledging that every person’s experiences and abilities are different, then tailoring the response to each individual and situation, exactly as Kane did.
Hali of AtYourGate submitted Kane's customer service nomination. As she noted, "Kane really went out of his way to help a passenger get exactly what was needed, ending the airport experience on a strong note. The passenger said Kane was so helpful and really made his PDX experience great."
Kane was a winner at the PDX People Customer Service Awards, where we recognize airport employees who truly stand out as extraordinary. Missed the last virtual awards ceremony? View the event recording or read about past winners.
You can also nominate an employee who embodies the PDX People values and serves as a shining example of great customer service – submit a nomination now.
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Set of car keys with a Gold Key valet keychain.
What's New with PDX Next: Valet Re-Opens, Airport Way Construction
Valet Re-opens: Gold Key valet restarted service this morning at 8 a.m. While they're currently only offering valet parking, they aim to offer car wash and detailing services starting in early October.
Airport Way Construction: As you’re heading to PDX along Airport Way, have you noticed construction taking place to the east of Concourse E? This project began back in 2019 when we were running low on overnight parking spots for planes, and there were more aircraft scheduled than gates available. After construction is complete, there will be a new remote parking area for planes, freeing up gate capacity in the terminal. 
On the left, the Aybla grill truck, parked on the PDX roadway. On the right, a close up of the Aybla Grill truck service window, with two PDX employees ordering lunch.
Hummus is Where the Heart is at Aybla Grill 
Every Monday through Thursday, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Aybla Grill food truck rolls up to their new location on the south end of the lower roadway near the MAX platform. Whether you're yearning for a gyro or fiending for falafel, Aybla has you covered. Running short on time? You can order online and pick up at the cart.
Aerial view of the PDX ticket lobby, construction scaffolding is visible along with a crowd of travelers.
Fall Travel Volumes Expected to Slow at PDX
Mirroring the travel trends across the country, summer at PDX saw the highest numbers since pre-pandemic times with about 4 million travelers. However, as the nation continues to wrestle with the pandemic, PDX expects fall travel to slow and forecasts suggest the airport will be about 30-35% down from pre-pandemic figures. For those who are flying, construction activities continue full speed ahead, and travelers are advised to keep their heads up and follow the changing directional signs. Read the full press release.
Artist RYAN! Feddersen working on her art installation. The installation piece is rainbow-hued with a cloud shape on it.
Work in Progress: RYAN! Feddersen Making Interactive Magic
When you enter the new Concourse B, you won't just see and feel "Inhabitance," RYAN! Feddersen's installation honoring the varied terrain of the Pacific Northwest. You'll move through it: Metal lenticular portraits that appear to shift as you pass (think of those ridged stickers that look like they’re blinking as you move them back and forth). A rainbow-dappled sky with shimmering glass clouds. A wood-slat wall incised with patterns. We spoke to the Tacoma artist, who is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, about the origins of her piece and getting everything ready to go for unveiling later this year.
Graphic reading,
Learn the History Behind Hispanic Heritage Month
Have you ever wondered why Hispanic Heritage Month starts in the middle of September rather than at the beginning of the month? The celebration begins on Sept. 15 because it’s the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico, Chile and Belize celebrate their independence days on Sept. 16, 18 and 21, respectively. The 30-day heritage month also covers Día de la Raza, the celebration of the Hispanic heritage of Latin America, on Oct. 12. Learn more about the history
Three adults and a child, sitting around a table making an emergency plan using materials.
National Preparedness Month is Perfect Time to Make a Plan 
After a year of wildfires and winter storms, you may already have a plan in place for emergencies. If not, September – also known as National Preparedness Month – is a great time to think about the types of disasters that could affect our area; know how you’ll contact your family and reconnect if separated; and establish a meeting place that’s familiar and easy to find. The website will walk you through discussion questions and ways to tailor your plan to meet specific needs. It also provides sample forms to download and use as a guide. One helpful hint: If you already have a plan in place, be sure to update it based on CDC recommendations for COVID-19.
Top right: Yellow entryway to the bypass connector. Top right: Three
PDX in Pictures
As you likely noticed, the north bypass connector opened on Tuesday. The long hallway with big, bright windows might feel familiar  it's constructed from the former Concourse Connector. In addition to getting you safely around main terminal construction, your new route to Concourse D features dozens of delightful illustrations from artist Vee Chenting Qian.
Want to try your hand at your own PDX doodle? Click "Create a Doodle" on our new website and draw anything that you think would bring a smile to travelers. Designs with the most votes will win some pretty nifty prizes! 

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